Lunar Legend
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Publisher Ubisoft
Date N/A
Publisher Ubisoft
Lunar Legend Lunar Legend United Kingdom Retail Box ArtContinuing the time-honored tradition of repackaging old console games, the Lunar RPG series has come to the GBA with Lunar Legend. You play Alex, a young boy who hopes to one day be a Dragonmaster like his dearly departed hero Dyne. One day, a wizard named Nash comes into town, and needs an escort to a nearby shrine in the woods. You, your childhood friend Luna, and your flying cat-like pet Nall accompany Nash to the shrine, and your adventure begins. Lunar Legend is an indirect port of a 10-year-old Sega CD game. The locations and characters are the same, but the dialog has been significantly shrunk to fit on the cartridge. This is a minus for true Lunar fans, since much of the story is lost. However, even with "Lunar Lite," you get a very satisfying game. The game play is standard RPG fare: You walk around, randomly attack monsters, explore dungeons, and talk to villagers in various towns for quests and clues. The battle system, like most RPGs, is turn-based, and has some nice additions like the "Arts Gage" system, which allows special attacks after your character makes enough attacks during a battle. Lastly, you can collect cards throughout the game, and trade them with friends via link cable or sell them in various shops. Strangely, that's all you can do with them. It would have been nice if there was a mini card game of some kind. The graphics in Lunar Legendare spectacular--on par with Golden Sun. The sound is top notch too, though the Luna's singing can get a little tiresome. If you're looking for an easy RPG experience, or would like to relive part of the classic Lunar Series, give Lunar Legend a shot. You won't be disappointed. --Bryan Karsh Pros: Amazing graphics Funny cat-like sidekick Trade game cards via link cable Great story Simple, yet fun battle system Cons: A shadow of the original CD version of the game--may upset true fans of the series What use are collecting cards, if there is no mini card game?
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Lunar Legend North America Retail Box Art

Lunar Legend United Kingdom Retail Box Art