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Date 2002-04-25
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Date N/A
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Mandrake Designed for businesses, ProSuite Edition 8.2 provides complete and powerful server solutions. It comes equipped with easy-to-use installation and system management utilities and allows you to quickly set up a stable and secure professional computing environment. ProSuite Edition 8.2 scales easily for large enterprise deployments and offers a full line of services, including extended enterprise support (90 days through MandrakeExpert, as well as two installation incidents settled by phone). The bundled support covers installation and configuring of Web server, mail server, FTP server, and secure remote administration. While the Apache Web server lets you easily deploy Web-based applications, directory servers LDAP, NIS, and Kerberos provide directory and naming services. Enjoy strong network protection with Prelude, Secure Kernel 2.4.18 (kernel 2.2.20 also included), and easy-to-use configuration tools. Easily deploy Samba to provide file and print services for Microsoft Windows PCs, and keep data secure with MySQL and PostgreSQL. Finally, take advantage of reliable e-mail solutions, including Postfix, Sendmail, POP3, and IMAP.
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