Mario Tennis Advance
Genre Sport -> Sport
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Date 2005-12-05
Publisher Nintendo
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtMario Tennis Power Tour was one the N64's most popular games -- and now it's here for your Game Boy Advance! Mario will be raising a racket once again, in an explosive tennis tournament held in the Mushroom Kingdom. The wild multiplayer action is back, with even more powerful shots and new, character-specific power-ups -- for the craziest matches ever!

- Power up your game - use Mario's hammer smash and DK's banana boomerang, along with slices, topspin shots, and new special shots for elite players
- Turn your tennis tourneys into a Mushroom Kingdom odyssey - build your character up from a tennis rookie to a seasoned pro, in an intricate storyline with RPG-like stat-building
- Anyone for doubles? Once you've got your skills built up, take on your pals in 2-4 player link matches!
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