Mary-Kate and Ashley Sweet 16
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Date 2002-11-29
Publisher Acclaim
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtThe Olsen twins are turning 16, and they're celebrating with this collection of party games and, you guessed it, driving lessons. The good news is that if you can help them get past the obstacles and pass the test, they'll take you out with their new driver's licenses to a variety of fun minigame activities, like rock climbing, riding Jet Skis, surfing, ATV quad racing, and shopping for clothes. Earn points in the party games and spend them to upgrade the car and unlock cool tunes and cooler outfits.

- As Mary-Kate or Ashley, you'll drive around town, delivering packages and dropping off passengers
- You'll drive a taxi, station wagon, sports car and more, while facing tough driving challenges
- You'll have to avoid fender-benders and breaking laws, at least while the cops are around -- if they catch you, you're license is revoked
- The girls also have to beat a certain time limit when delivering packages, or drop a passenger off before the gas runs out -- you'll have to speed without getting caught and stopped
- Extra-fun mini-games take to a racetrack, for high speed excitement, and to the ATV and Jet Ski races
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