Mega Man Battle Network 2
Genre Action -> Platform
Today's Rank 20673
Date N/A
Publisher Capcom
Date 2002-10-18
Publisher Ubisoft
United Kingdom 
Retail Box ArtThree months have passed since the Internet crime organization World Three was defeated by Lan and his virus-busting pal, Mega Man.exe. Just as the world begins to feel safe, a new threat rears its digital head: an evil Internet syndicate called the Net-Mafia Gospel. Will Lan and Mega Man be up to this new challenge? The gameplay of Mega Man: Battle Network 2 is almost identical to the first game--it's an isometric RPG with a kickin' battle system. You spend half the time in the "real world" as Lan, and the other half in the Internet as the antivirus program Mega Man.exe. Solving puzzles and getting power-ups (and, of course, fighting baddies) are the core of this game. The crowning glory of Mega Man: Battle Network 2 is its battle system. The arcade-style battles are still in real time, but there are some significant changes since the first game. Mega Man doesn't automatically regain his health after a battle--he needs to find special chips to fully recover. Also, there are now four battle styles from which Mega Man can choose (heat, aqua, wood, or electricity) depending on the type of chips he collects. These chip types affect Mega Man's effectiveness against different enemies. The battle screens have also changed; unique terrains now make battles more varied. And now there are more than 200 chips to collect! The plot in Mega Man: Battle Network was a little shallow, and seemed geared toward a younger crowd. While Battle Network 2 is also rated E, it has a darker, fuller story--and with an enemy like the Net-Mafia Gospel (which has to be the coolest gang name I've ever heard), the story becomes a compelling enhancement to the game. Mega Man: Battle Network 2 comes through with some refreshing refinements to all the good features of the original game, making it a must-have for any Mega Man or RPG fan. --Bryan Karsh Pros: Mega Man changes appearance depending on which battle style he adopts Players trade chips via link cable, or fight a friend for them instead! Cons: The story may be confusing if you haven't played the first game
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