Metroid Fusion
Genre Action -> Platform
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Date 2002-11-19
Publisher Nintendo
Date 2002-11-29
Publisher Nintendo
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtAfter an absence of almost eight years, Samus Arran is finally back in Metroid Fusion battling evil in a brand new 2-D arcade adventure that's one of the best GBA games so far. Taking its cue from the SNES game Super Metroid, this all-new title starts with Samus infected by the evil X parasites and battling to rid a space station of their menace. Part platform game, part shoot-'em-up and part RPG, the Metroid games are some of the most revered in all gaming history. With a gameplay not unlike that of the newer Castlevania games (although Metroid did it all first), Metroid Fusion forces you to explore the huge space station as you slowly regain your various bounty hunting powers. The game includes all the old Metroid power-ups, including the morph ball and screw attack and plenty of other new gadgets. There's also the chance to practise your wall bounce, which must rank as one of the most difficult yet satisfying moves to pull off ever in a video game. Another nice new twist is that all the enemies are infected by X parasites, so when you shoot them the parasites just fly off and infect another creature unless you catch them first. As good as the game is, though, it's not as perfectly designed as its forebear--there's far too much dull story line and the game is (perhaps by necessity on a portable console) more linear than before. But even these slight foibles might be seen as positives by some, making this a game no-one will want to miss. --David Jenkins

- While destroying the Metroid threat, Samus' body picked up the X-Parasite, a nasty little bug that will end her life -- unless she returns to the planet of the Metroid infestation and finds the answers she needs!
- Collect both classic and new weapons as you return to SR-388 and fight an all-new alien threat
- Use teh parasite's ability to absorb infected creatures' abilities -- you'll absorb energy and gain new weapons and abilities
- The same great gameplay and control that made the original Metroid games a hit is here, enhanced for faster & wilder gaming
- Great-looking animated cutscenes keep the game's storyline unfolding
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