Metroid Zero Mission
Genre Action -> Platform
Today's Rank 30473
Date 2004-02-10
Publisher Nintendo
Date 2004-04-08
Publisher Nintendo
Metroid Zero Mission Metroid Zero Mission United Kingdom Retail Box ArtJoin Samus Aran and journey through a rich adventure that tells how the entire Metroid saga began. Expanding on the legendary NES Metroid title, experience new upgrades to Samus's suit plus all-new abilities like the Power Grip and Zip Line. Beautiful cut-scenes bring the story to life as the plot thickens beyond your wildest imagination!

- Cool cut-scenes bring Samus's incredible story to life like never before
- Beautiful graphics and an eerie soundtrack give each environment a unique feel
- For 1 player
- Samus Aran arrives on Zebes in an adventure that expands the legendary NES Metroid title
- Upgrade Samus's suit with classic power-ups from previous Metroid titles
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Metroid Zero Mission North America Retail Box Art

Metroid Zero Mission United Kingdom Retail Box Art