Pac Man Collection
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date N/A
Publisher Atari
Date 2001-12-07
Publisher Atari
North America Retail Box ArtIf you're still suffering the lingering effects of Pac-Man fever, you'll be excited to hear that Namco's Pac-Man Collection repackages the infectious original with three other Pac-Man-themed games in a new anthology for the Game Boy Advance. Pac-Man Collection contains the original Pac-Man, plus Pac-Attack, PacMania 3D, and the never-before-seen-out-of-the-arcade Pac-Man Arrangement game. Pac-Man plays just like you remember, and like Namco Museum's picture-perfect re-creation of Ms Pac-Man, it features spot-on control, graphics, cartoon cut-scenes, sound effects and, best of all, music from the coin-op (who can forget that opening theme?). As such, it's easily the best of this collection. PacMania 3D is basically a 3-D version of the original, and is just about as uninspired now as when it came out. Pac-Attack is a cool variation on such puzzlers as Tetris and Columns, and as such it's perfect for handheld gaming. Pac-Man Arrangement is an odd little game that plays much like the original but adds weird power-ups that, for example, make you gigantic. Because Pac-Man Collection contains perfect replicas, there isn't much to gripe about, save that Ms Pac-Man is a far better game than the original, and you'll have to shell out for Namco Museum if you want that one. But if you're a retro gamer on the go who also want to track down ghosts and eat power pills, this package is sure to satisfy your appetite. --Andrew S Bub

- Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man Jr. and Professor Pac-Man are out on a pellet-munching adventure like you've never seen before!
- You've still got to collect all the pills and avoid all the ghosts, but now you're out of the mazes and in a beautiful 3D-rendered game world
- The Pacs are competing to gather the most pellets and gain power to free the magic faeries
- Collect power-ups to give you an edge over the other Pacs -- you'll need them, especially in the exciting and challenging multiplayer mode!
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