Pac-Man World 2
Genre Action -> Platform
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Date 2002-03-13
Date 2003-03-21
Pac-Man World 2 Pacman World™ 2 They have picked the Magical Golden Fruit from an ancient tree and unleashed the most wicked entity Pac-Land has ever seen. It’s time for Pac-Man to take control and return what was taken. With brand new skills, a zany cast of enemies and friends, and a vast world to explore, his heroics will be pushed to the limits. Step aside 'cause Pac-Man is coming through, and he’s on a mission!

Six worlds and over 20 levels to explore
Play a variety of arcade games and traditional 3D Pac-Mazes
New skills include in-lineskating and ice-skating
Explore stages in the new Pac-Sub New mechanics like the Shimmy and Flip Kick
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