Genre Action -> Shoot Em Up
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Date N/A
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Date 2001-11-23
Publisher Kemco
An alien race has seized the colony of Delia IV, the solitary Terran planet among a mass of rocks and ice at the edge of the Andromeda galaxy. you are Riki Sanada, a genetically enhanced pilot who exists solely to fly the Phalanx A-144, a ship equipped with the most advanced weapons ever created. It's you against a cloud of alien craft.Phalanx is not a typical arcade shooter, however. It is designed to push players to the extreme limits of their skills. But even if you don't have genetically altered reflexes, you can still find the appropriate difficulty level and develop the skills necessary to save the universe. The game includes several cutscenes, an engaging story line, slowly building drama, and eight varied missions.
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