Rebelstar Tactical Command
Genre Action -> Adventure
Today's Rank 2666
Date N/A
Publisher Namco
Date 2006-09-29
Publisher Atari
North America Retail Box ArtSet on a futuristic Earth, Rebelstar: Tactical Command is a turn-based strategy game and you too can join in the fight against an evil empire in single-player mode. There is also the option to take on a friend in multiplayer mode. The year is 2117 and the evil Arelian Empire has been in control of planet Earth for the last 70 years. When the Arelians first came, they brought with them peace and prosperity to a world ravaged by war, disease and ecological devastation. Later they abducted people when they turned 30 and controlled Earth's inhabitants through fear using their henchmen, the Zorn. Now, a band of rebels rises up to fight against the Arelians and a new recruit, Jorel, quickly advances through the ranks and becomes their leaders. He organizes the rebel forces and builds a powerful global army, challenging the Arelian Empire for control of planet Earth. Stealth Skills - Players hide and dodge at the end of a turn in preparation for an enemy attack.

- Features -
- Four Play Modes - Campaign, Skirmish, Multiplayer Hotseat (1 for Game Boy Advance) and Multiplayer Link Mode.
- Turn-Based Strategy with a Twist - Destructible maps and gas canisters, use the environment to your advantage with true line of site (in 8 directions)
- Turn-Based Combat System - Players controls individual soldiers in a turn-based combat system. A replay option lets players review what happened during their opponent's turn.
- RPG Elements - Experience true character interaction and development. Equip characters with different types of weapons and equipment, including grenades, sniper rifles, missile launchers and laser rifles.
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