Shaman King: Master of Spirits
Genre Action -> Arcade
Today's Rank 3935
Date 2004-11-10
Publisher Konami
Date 2005-09-16
Publisher Konami
North America Retail Box ArtBecome Yoh and strive to become the next Shaman King in an all-new adventure on the Game Boy Advance!Travel through multiple stages and conquer petrifying perils, terrifying tunnels and treacherous traps in order to stop a diabolical shaman from resurrecting the evil Guardian of Demons.Traverse dozens of unique environmentsCollect Guardian Ghosts and use spirit control to defeat your enemiesAn original storyline not featured in the TV series or Comic bookMultiple branching paths and stages to enhance the gameplay experience

- Original Shaman King storylines and adventures.
- Increase your experience to learn new attacks and skills.
- Battle enemies created specially for the videogames.
- Events unfold just like reading a comic.
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