Space Invaders Review

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Graphics: 8.0
Sound : 8.0
Gameplay : 9.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 8.0
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We all remember the Space Invaders Hype. How we all loved to sit behind that screen and shoot the alien crafts. Well get ready for those long hours again, Space Invaders just hit the Game Boy Advance! Packed with some new 3D graphics, new weapons and power-ups, new enemies and lots of fun you have to save the earth once more from the nasty space aliens.

The Graphics:

The graphics in this new title are awesome, shooting results in an explosion that’s almost lifelike. Enemies have the illusion of being 3D. Besides the normal single player mode you have a classic mode that has the classic Space Invaders too, awesome!

The Sounds / Music:

Of course a good game needs good sound, and it looks like the producers agree with me because the sound is really important in this game. Who wants too shoot aliens with dull background music? Not me and certainly not the producers. The sound in this game is really encouraging to play along and shoot those nasty invaders.

The Gameplay:

When I held one of the first copies of this game in my hand together with the Game Boy Advance I knew there must be something special about this game. I knew it wouldn’t just be like those millions of Space Invader clones out there. I knew this game would bring something new. And it sure did: New graphics, game mode, enemies, planets, and just too much stuff to name really made this game better than it already was. The new addition to the game that really makes it fun to play is the Vertical Blast mode, what is it you ask? Well it’s a new weapon and if you shoot 4 enemies you get it, it’s basically a rocket that hits the first enemy it sees and then kills all the enemies on the same line. Another great feature in this game is that enemies don’t just shoot at random anymore, but actually try to hit you, a huge improvement in AI.


There are 2 multiplayer modes in this game, co-op and compo. In the co-op mode you have to work together to erase those aliens from space and in the compo mode you have to shoot more enemies than your human opponent to get more points and win eventually. These modes were much fun when I played with my old-school mates who loved Space Invaders back then.


Whether you grew up with this game or never heard of it here’s your chance to have more fun than ever! This is one game you don’t want to miss.