Speedball 2 - Tournament
Genre Sport -> Sport
Today's Rank 6450
Date N/A
Publisher Ascaron
Date 2002-09-13
Publisher Ascaron
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtBack in the early 90s, when Speedball 2 first rose to prominence, it was quickly decreed a classic of the future sports genre. And now, all those years on, in its new handheld guise, time hasn't dented its appeal one jot. It's a virtually perfect port, which means the premise is still the same. The game revolves around a brutally violent sport, where points can be scored by throwing the ball in the opposition goal or hitting one of the point pods in the spacious game arena. A further boost can be gained by permanently injuring an opponent. And when it gets down to the matches themselves, the blissfully fast, frantic yet deceptively tactical action is simply sublime gaming entertainment. There's a lot to take in--power ups, team management and such like--but the whole thing is so accessible and fun to play you barely notice. Speedball 2's lifespan is significantly prolonged by the league structure, where you take control of Brutal Deluxe at the bottom of the second tier and try and manage them up to the top. But it's the multiplayer link up option that cements the game's classic status. Frankly, Speedball 2 was and still is one of the finest multiplayer videogames of all time. A no-brainer purchase all in all--and even if you don't usually dabble in ports of older games on your Advance, then this is where you should make an exception. After all, why should the retro gamers have all the fun? --Jon Foster
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