Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
Genre Action -> Action
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Date 2005-05-04
Publisher Ubisoft
Date 2005-05-05
Publisher Ubisoft
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Retail Box ArtStar Wars: Revenge Of The Sith takes you into the Star Wars universe for fierce battles and heroic lightsaber duels with Anakin Skywalker ans Obi-Wan Kenobi. They're a powerful pair -- until one's lust for power and the other's devotion to duty leads to a final confrontation between good and evil. Live the climatic confrontations between these two Jedi Knights and see if the Force is with you.

- As Anakin, unleash the power of the dark side in ruthless lightsaber and Force attacks; As Obi-Wan, struggle to save the galaxy from darkness by focusing the power of the light side into swift and precise lightsaber attacks
- Use devastating Force powers and advanced lightsaber techniques, while using the Force to control enemy actions
- Experience dynamic 3rd-person action/adventure thrills in the Star Wars galaxy!
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