Street Racing Syndicate
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date 2005-03-04
Publisher Namco
Date 2004-08-31
Publisher Namco
North America Retail Box ArtWelcome to the underground world of street racing. Win races, gain status and eventually become a street legend! Customize your vehicle on the outside and under the hood. Upgrade for maximum boost with suspension, tires, turbo and NOS, and anything else you can buy or win. But choose your races carefully…your opponent could have more under the hood than it seems. And watch out for the cops…they'll be looking to break up the races, and even impound your car or throw you in jail!

Create your character and work your way up the secretive street racing culture
Outfit your cars with nitrous and hundreds of other enhancements
Extensive customization - detailed auto upgrades with licensed autos and after-market parts
Watch out for the cops who will give you tickets, fines or impound your car
Race for money, pink slips or even the girlfriends from rival street racers!
Detailed realistic damage option will affect the cars' looks and performance
Compete in both illegal and official sanctioned racing events
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