Super Dodgeball Advance
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Dodge ball, the schoolyard sport in which kids bean each other with rubber balls thrown at welt-raising velocity, really is the sport of bullies. Thankfully, Super Dodge Ball Advance presents an experience in which the welts aren't included, while lots of fun and laughs are. The game features two teams of squat, cartoonish, big-headed kids. Some are on the playing field and some reside in the back zone ready to scoot up a lob and nail an opponent in the back or from the side. The animations, particularly when a kid gets squashed, are amusing, and, after all, are also the point of the game. Amass points and win the match, then move on to the next horde of big-headed kids. There are several kinds of throws you can make to surprise your opponents, including a cool corkscrew throw and a straight-up overhanded bean ball. As you knock teams out (no pun intended), you advance toward the world competition (shades of South Park here), where you represent your favorite nation. You can also link up with an opponent for a little head-to-head action, which is the best way to dish out some virtual pain onto local bullies who lack your mad video gaming skills. --Andrew S. Bub Pros: It's virtual dodge ball! What's not to like? It's one of the first sports games for the GBA The graphics are perfect and the action is fast Cons: The sound is a little grating
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