Tak and the Power of JuJu
Genre Action -> Platform
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Date 2006-09-08
Publisher THQ
Date 2004-03-12
Publisher THQ
North America Retail Box ArtTak and the Power of Juju is a tale of good vs. evil set in an ancient, tribal world where magic (Juju) really works! Tak, a shaman's apprentice and unlikely hero, sets off on an action-filled, yet humorous journey to save his village from an evil Juju Man. Tak will have to stretch beyond his training and use his wits, his environment and the powe

- Obtain special Juju power and power-ups granted by the Juju Gods.
- Find the correct puzzle combinations of animal interactions, plants, weapons and water to complete your quest.
- Master Tak's inventory of tools including the pole vault, spirit rattle, blowpipe and explosive eggs from your chicken disguise.
- Use your environment by launching yourself to new heights on the palm tree catapult!
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