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Xyanide is a sci-fi shooter, taking place in the year 2715. The Judges of Mardar have sentenced the witch Aguira, an innocent looking girl, to death. The charges: devastation of worlds and civilizations. The sentence: disintegration into a black hole. Drake is the star fighter pilot escorting the execution craft. On their way to the black hole an asteroid hits the execution craft. The asteroid consists of Xyanide, a substance that has only one characteristic: it immediately materializes thoughts. This offers Aguira a unique chance to escape. The gamer is Drake, who needs to prevent her from getting away by fighting through the nightmare worlds Aguira creates with her thoughts. Drake flies at high speed obtaining heavier weapons as the game advances. Furthermore, if the gamer eliminates the enemy, he receives additional, special weapons. As Drake goes from level to level, deeper into the environments created by Aguira's thoughts the gameplay becomes explosive and frantic.
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Xyanide Advance Trailer
6.07MB - 7 downloads - 26 January, 2004

Xyanide Advance Trailer, offering 1min 10secs of CGI and gameplay footage.

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