Yu-Gi-Oh Dungeondice Monsters
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Publisher Konami
Date 2003-11-07
Publisher Konami
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtReturn to the world of Yu-Gi-Oh! with Dungeondice Monsters. This addictive strategy game for the Game Boy Advance is an exciting change for fans of the Yu-Gi-Oh! card games. The goal in Dungeondice Monsters is to defeat your enemy with summoned monsters by creating a dungeon that runs from your end of the playing board to your opponent's end. You and your opponent each start with 15 six-sided dice and take turns rolling three of them at a time. The dice represent monsters. Each side of each die has a different crest. Depending on which crest surfaces during each roll, you can summon monsters and/or collect special moves. Once a monster is summoned, that die unfolds on the board, creating a dungeon section with six squares. You can then shape your dungeon by rotating this section with the R button. Once a dungeon section is created, you place the summoned monster on it and by successfully summoning enough monsters, you can unfold and link dice to reach and defeat the enemy Die Master. The concept is simple, but gameplay is surprisingly difficult. You need crests for everything. For example, you might be able to summon a monster, but you won't be able to move it without a move crest or attack without an attack crest. Crests are also used for special abilities, magic, upgrades, and traps. And since crests are based on your collection of dice and the luck of your rolls, the game can get complex. Constructing the battlefield with unfolding dice provides almost unlimited replay value--not a single game is the same as any other. Unlike previous Yu-Gi-Oh! card games, you don't lose monsters if you lose a game. (You do win one die for winning a tournament however.) If you win a game, you win funds that you can use to buy new monster dice from Grandpa's Shop. You can also sell old dice. To top it off, you can play in tournaments and free duels and can even play linked duels and trade dice with a link cable. Overall, Dungeondice Monsters is a fun and challenging game with unending variety–-a refreshing change. --Bryan Karsh Pros: Unfolding dice make an ever-changing battlefield Play against a friend or trade via a link cable (two copies of the game required) Over 100 monsters to collect Cons: A somewhat steep learning curve--read that manual! Music is a little jarring The continuous save system allows only one game to be saved
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