Worms Revolution Developer Diary 4
Game Modes

This penultimate developer diary for Wormsô Revolution sees Senior Designer, Mark Dimond, talks us through the different game modes available in Wormsô Revolution.

Q. Tell me about the Single Player mode.

A. Well thereís hours and hours of content in Single Player mode, and itís divided into two separate components. Weíve got the Campaign mode and the Puzzle mode. The Campaign mode is probably a good place for people to start if they are unfamiliar with Worms games or maybe they are experienced players and they just want to see the new features weíve implemented such as the worms classes, physics objects or dynamic water.

Thereís 32 missions altogether and thatís spread out over the four different themes. Weíll start you off gently, there are the training missions to get you going and then by the end of it weíve really upped the ante, and if youíre not an experienced Worms player by the time you get to mission 32 then you never will be!

Then weíve got the Puzzle mode. Now the Puzzle mode, itís more about challenges, its missions with a certain objective. Now that objective could be to get a vital worm thatís on the enemy team, or it could be to collect a crate. But youíve only got certain items and certain ways to achieve that goal. This is a real strategic side of Worms games, itís going to be a head-scratcher and I think itís really going to excite people when they get to finish one of the puzzles. There are 20 of those in total so thereís plenty there to keep people going.

Q. Letís get down to the nitty-gritty, how can I beat my friends?

A. Well thereís a couple of ways you can play against your friends with Worms Revolution. Thereís local play and online play. Local play is the social side of Worms really, thatís where you get three of your mates round to your house, all four of you sit on the sofa and you can either grab four pads or you can get one pad and pass it round. And you can enjoy the banter and the fun that goes with playing Worms with people in the room with you. Thereís nothing better in local play than seeing the expression on your matesí faces as you drop their last worm into the water.

In online mode you can set up a lobby yourself and you can tailor it to whatever settings you like, then you can invite people or wait for it to fill up and you can basically take on the best players in the world really. This is where youíre going to have had to improved your skills because thereís some great Worms players out there. Or if you donít really want to mess about setting up a lobby yourself you can always join one of the lobbies that will be out there, do a search, dive in and once again see how good you really are when you are up against the best players in the world.

So, you can play it at home, you can play it online, but either way youíre going to have a great game.

Q. What modes are available to play?

A. Well weíve got three modes that you can choose from to play. Weíve got the Deathmatch mode, the Forts mode and the Classic mode. Deathmatch mode is probably the bread and butter mode really in Worms Revolution, itís the one that most people will be familiar with and maybe the mode that people will play first. With this you can set up a game with three other players or three AI combatants if you wish, and you can set up your scheme settings and basically youíre straight into a match. You are going to be able to use the physics objects, the dynamic water and make use of the classes and itís a case of the last worm standing.

Secondly, weíve got the Forts mode like I mentioned. Now the Forts mode is probably my favourite mode. What weíve got there is similar to Deathmatch mode in fact but the landscape is set into two separate forts, one either side with a body of water in between. Now this means that youíve got to use a little bit more strategy here because you canít get directly to the opposing teams. So, you might want to use height to your advantage and try and get shots down from above, or you might want to bunker down and maybe do hit-and-run; darkside tactics essentially. Either way, I think Forts mode is going to be the one that people get the most fun out of, especially me, aside from the fact it looks beautiful as well, and I think itís one of the most beautiful landscapes weíve created.

Lastly, weíve got the Classic mode. Now the Classic mode is for the Worms purists, itís for people who have played Worms before and maybe want to experience that same kind of game. They donít want to have the dynamic water, they donít want to have to mess about with worm classes and maybe they donít want the random nature that a physics object might include in the map. So thatís all removed and they can get on with playing Worms, classically, as it was originally intended. So thereís something for everyone really in all the game modes.