Drox Operative v0.911 Beta Patch
fixed a text problem with 2 of the clone quests (Shardz)
now races get their freighter back when the player rescues it
you can now pull out certain wins while the lose timer is ticking down (Lekon)
crew now get a happiness increase when they level up
hooked up last 5 race statement text
escape will now close console
now get xp debt and black boxes when killed by a race ship (fluffybot)
changed "Your Character" to "Your Ship" (void)
fixed CharacterExportedToHTML & CharacterExportedToVbulletin translations
fixed escape pod text in character export (Shardz)
translated win button text (all_zebest)
fixed fares spelling (Roswitha)
fixed some issues with the destroy the mutinous ship quest text (Roswitha)
now only announce a new race statement if there is no old one for that race (Roswitha)
can no longer get race statements from eliminated races (ShaggyMoose)
races are now smarter about how often they send statements
races will no longer send you statements if they haven't met you yet (Roswitha)
fixed an issue with peace talks quest (Roswitha)
added a protect planet quest (MOOMANiBE)
added a steal tech quest
made all Missile Defense components specify "Can only fire at missiles" (LostSoul)
increased anti-missile missiles speed from 275.0 to 325.0
increased anti-missile missiles turn speed from 300.0 to 600.0
fixed EM Shockwave (RoboAV)
added an Offensive Dampening Field component description (RoboAV)
made event text background a little more transparent (ScrObot)
fixed DiscoveredQuestLate translation (ScrObot)
fixed highlight area on held components and sell/repurchase (ScrObot)
races will no longer complain if you kill your own fighters (Crisses)
races will no longer ask for help to protect their planet when at war with the Drox (aReclusiveMind)
resistance tips now tell you which weapons cause that kind of damage (RoboAV)
fixed a bunch of issues with self destruct components (Chumpy)