Drox Operative v0.912 Beta Patch
added steal tech war quest
added s_maxChannels user var
sped up sector loading (in my test sector with maxed out high level entities about 15% faster)
no longer spawn combat effects if too far away from the nearest player
fixed some highlight issues on relations screen (ScrObot)
fixed crew level up happiness print (aReclusiveMind)
game handles loading while in a escape pod better (Valgor)
can no longer escape in an escape pod that is installing (Chumpy)
added race statement icon (alstein)
fixed some problems with auto user slot stuff (Roswitha)
improved the laser cannon sound
fixed a couple ways that a race could be eliminated but still alive (Philexan/Luringen/jonasan/Cheet4h)
fixed some planet finds not getting printed correctly (ScrObot)
now if you interrupt a component install the install sound will stop correctly (Valgor)
no longer show "EMPTY - put any kind of component here" on npc slots (ScrObot)
now mention hidden npc components are classified (ScrObot)
no longer color code level names with unknown races
no longer show yellow * for quests in a level for an unknown race
now tell you on minimap, if highlighted, that some objects are farther away than they appear
installing or broken weapons are no longer included in DPS calculation
self destruct components are no longer included in DPS calculation (Chumpy)
now when low on crew attributes or level on components mentions your current level (Crisses)
improved a few more menus
changed don't meet requirements from a red overlay to a red X in lower left of component icon (ScrObot)
doubled resistance on resistance components
can now have per level modifiers (18 of them so far) (Chumpy)
now shields regen rate scales with shields level better (Nori)
fixed "Greeting and salutations" (incognoscente)
fixed mutant modifier text (incognoscente)
fixed "pleased to see" (incognoscente)
fixed "Its only symptom" (incognoscente)
fixed some Colony Collapse Disorder text (incognoscente)
fixed infrastructure spelling (incognoscente)
fixed Insane Renegade text (incognoscente)
fixed "enhancing our people" wording (incognoscente)
fixed "The situation is out of" wording (incognoscente)
fixed "or some nonsense like" wording (incognoscente)
fixed sunlight spelling in a bunch of places (incognoscente)
fixed "Can't pick up cargo bays with components in them" wording (incognoscente)
fixed some Telepath quest wording (incognoscente)
fixed some Riot quest wording (incognoscente)
fixed hungry and angry spelling in CropFailure quest (incognoscente)
fixed a SuperWheat comma issue (incognoscente)
shorten some of the GeneticEngineering quest announce text (incognoscente)
fixed chest gift level (incognoscente)
player positions should act like waypoints on the minimap now (Crisses)
decreased population growth a little
doubled unrest event chance
fixed different win rewards on challenge sectors (Worthstream)
added back to game button on beta screen (Crisses)
Storm attacks can now miss (cpmartins)