Drox Operative v0.914 Beta Patch
fixed another eliminated races ships/planets staying issue
fixed spacing on select ship screen
added aggressive/defensive pet control option (jonasan)
now show shields and energy regen to 2 decimal places
fixed completely unprotected typo (Roswitha)
unrest type of quests no longer escalate when the planet is destroyed
now get legend points for Expert and Veteran monster kills (Roswitha/incognoscente)
increased crew pay and happiness increase by 50% (PrimeIntellect)
fixed telling player a component was needed for a quest for a race not known yet
no longer show don't meet requirements on components that can't be used or equipped
reworded Machinist quest a little (Roswitha)
fixed legend reward on meeting quest (Roswitha)
doubled legend win xp bonus (Worthstream)
monsters now get thermal resistance
fixed list of broken items having an extra line
races that start in harder systems no longer get a level bonus
put race ships' armor back to normal (was just causing issues)
race ships now have 25% less attack and defense
wandering vendors should now have shields and use recharge stations
now color lose button red if in a losing state
now color win button green if won sector
now print win type to log
now print loss type to log
added bonus Drox High Command mission to keep a specific race alive
added bonus Drox High Command mission to destroy a specific race
now kill off quests on a conquered planet (Bluddy)
added a ship build time estimate to give players better information for protect planet quests
added a disruption icon
fixed a problem where some quests can't tell if they have been completed or not when loading
components in race specific slots now only use 50% power load (jonasan)
races no longer offer money to player for them to stop a war (Bluddy)
now specify where to pick up colony modules in quest text (Roswitha)
thrust boost components now get a defense boost like other thrust components (Chumpy)
race specified by Drox High Command to destroy now gets a bonus
races now try a little harder to keep out of multiple wars
now race ships use the correct crew (Chumpy/sbach2o)
can no longer look at npc equipment when too close to enemies (BQwoobie/RoboAV)
increased structure from structure components by 33%