Drox Operative v0.916 Beta Patch
Small Tides now do as much damage as the big versions instead of half
made Claws about 20% faster
increased Hyde's health by 33%
increased Flame's eating bonuses by 50%
halved Lasher's firing time
increased Guardian's alert range 33%
Harbingers now spawn fighters twice as fast
increased Grudge missile dot damage by about 33%
Obsidian's triangulation buffs now increase their critical hits also
doubled Pulse's Stored Energy damage boost
increased Venom's virus debuffs by 25%
doubled Legion Lord's overclock boost
increased Schistos approach speed by about 15%
increased Cryptospor defense by 33%
doubled Spiroc turn boost
increased Baylisa missile defense chances by 50%
increased Gleria's damage by 50%, health by 100%, and xp by 200%
made Trypanos freeze beam more dangerous
increased Helic shields and armor by 50%
fixed Limax damage types
Limax beam weapons are now full strength no matter distance
fixed postponed quests being selectable (Crisses)
fixed comet jumping (fluffybot/ShaggyMoose/Steve)
improved the look of the arrows and circles on help screens
fixed tip to help topic not working on mac
changed help page coloring
increased how often Spirocs teleport
Spirocs now teleport a little farther which breaks incoming projectile locks (RoboAV)
increased health of some of the monster rarities
increased damage for all of the monster rarities
decreased attack/defense for all of the monster rarities
made legend ships bigger
improved many of the monster enhancements
now monsters with higher xp mult also have increased magic find
now show low health help topic when below 75% structure instead of 50% (Crisses)
added trade screen context sensitive help screen