Drox Operative v0.917 Beta Patch
now get a print like xp when picking up credits (Crisses)
monsters now do less damage to race ships/planets (also gives more control to balancing)
decreased Trypanos InvisibleDistance from 200.0 to 125.0 (RoboAV)
fixed MagneticFieldShifting thanks text
fixed a bunch of quests that were using the wrong parm in the thanks text
fixed Plasma Storms not doing damage correctly
increased Ion Storm and Plasma Storm damage by 50%
made outlines brighter again
made text on context sensitive help screens easier to read by adding a background behind text (Steve)
fixed beams not lessening damage across distance correctly
now destroyed, stable asteroids has a chance of dropping a component
updated won game help topic to include new win conditions
added new win/lose condition stuff to game objective help topic
fixed critical hit calculation not working correctly in some cases (Shadowy Figure/Moonshine Fox)
SpottedByEnemy now gets translated
fixed cloaking not adding damage bonus correctly (Shadowy Figure/Moonshine Fox)
fixed economic, fear, and legend points some times being screwy on client (Crisses)
fixed 2 high level challenges not loading correctly (RoboAV)
added minimenu to relations trade help screen
doubled spawn chance of higher level cargo bays
changed default sector size to tiny
random number of races will no longer pick the minimum
added more to the inventory context sensitive page
made ballistics weapons another 25% efficient compared to beam weapons but they now take a little durability damage per shot (ammo) (goodgimp)
now color code crew happiness values better
now put a green * in front of player's names that are in the same system as you (Crisses)
fixed missing PlayersListDesc translation
fixed some text in Super Rats quest (Roswitha)
planet value is no longer classified at any treaty level
changed planet value calculations to focus on minerals, money, and tech production
added ion and plasma storm system modifiers
you are now shown how many planets a race has when you highlight their icon or portrait on most race screens
now fit component text and currently equipped text on screen at same time a little better (Steve)
fixed X on component icons not always being correctly drawn when component was on vendor (Steve)
added a Drox Operatives screen (button between Win and Lose buttons)
added buttons so it's easy to get between Drox, Win, and Lose screens
moved Drox bonus info to Drox screen
decreased beam degradation over distance from 0.25 to 0.4