Legends of Pegasus v1.0.0.4115 Patch
- The complete planet management of the AI was renewed. AI should now build up effective planets and manage them correctly.
- Some methods for building more and better ships were included (the main AI update for ships and battles will be part of another patch)


- Human EP 1: fixed a script bug, not counting already build laboratories
- Human EP 2: added more resources to the asteroid fields
- Human EP 2: adjusted Xor fleet spawns (longer delay and no cruisers)
- Xor EP 1: Incoming Xor waves occure less often
- Xor EP 1: fixed a bug that caused voice output not playing for 2nd cutscene
- Increased average resources in asteroid fields
- Enemy ships should now appear with more layout variety

- Fixed a possible crash when overwriting a ship layout
- layouts of space stations and weapon platforms are now displayed in the layout browser under the structures tap
- Fixed a bug that could crash the game related to the shipeditor scene, when switching scenes after battles
- Small and medium space stations and weapon platforms can be build even though higher versions are explored
- Fixed a possible crash when deleting layouts that are not currently open
- Xor wapon names and descriptions corrected

Planet Management
- Fixed a bug that caused a false calculation of planet production points and state grant ( led to grayed out buildings although you had enough resources to build)
- Updated tooltips for planet buildings
o Added info about the planets max population increase when the building is being build on the planet.
o Added an info if the building gets a bonus from a special slot on the planet.
- Added additional tooltips to the planet management sliders, giving the player more informations what the sliders are showing
- Fixed “texture not found” errors with advanced colony modules from the Expansion techtree
- Colonies and Invasion modules in orbit are now grayed out if you are not able to use them on the planet
- Miningstations are now properly named

- Added French language
- Fixed problems with keyboard layouts (keyboard layouts are now based on the default language of your OS, not on the selected game language)
- Updated the Steam install script (should fix many problems regarding to the VC++ Redist 2010)
- Fixed a crash when destroying orbital buildings in a battle
- Xeno Camps do not replace each other anymore, so that you can build the level you need
- Xeno Camp upkeep removed
- Xeno Camp build costs adjusted
- Minor bugfixes