Warkeepers is changing in big ways

The war continues to rage on – soldiers die in bloody battles, and more and more locations are becoming theaters of war, including “The Burning Ground”, “The Canyon”, and “Two Towers”.

In Warkeepers, a global battle over land and borders has recently unfolded. The Finns have recaptured the Baltics, and several times Russian boots have threatened the capital of the Fourth Reich.

Since a global map was introduced to the game, the heat of battle has never been hotter. Each country in your faction will struggle day by day to conquer your enemies and gain economic superiority. Lands captured by an enemy faction become occupied and must pay a fine. The yoke of oppression can only be broken by freeing your territories as you take the battle to the enemy.

There are now a variety of ways for players to develop their relations: alliances in groups or clans can be formed, and players can challenge each other to duels or make invitations to trade.

Clan members receive additional rewards for each new level earned, such as: enhanced stats; discounts on weapons, ammunition, and gear; a greater drop chance; bonus experience; and much more.

If a player doesn't want to associate himself with a specific clan, it's possible to put together a temporary group to play a few rounds together.

Items that drop in battle and that you have no use for can now be auctioned off for money.

But don't be too eager to sell what you gain. Some of these items may be part of a set that will greatly increase your stats when fully assembled.

If the arsenal available in the shop seems small, you can try looting a laser gun in a PvE or PvP mode, or manually assembling weapons from parts using special schematics. A handcrafted assault rifle with unique stats is always heartwarming to a good solider.

Not only can the skills of an individual character and his clan be circulated in the game – so can weapons and armor! The experience you gain in battle can be allocated using a ‘skill tree’ for each item, strengthening your character in the process. You can also enhance your weapons with modules that fully reveal any gun's potential – and you can experiment with upgrade kits in your lab.

Are you fed up with ‘steroid’ flamethrowers? Get battle armor against flames — let them have a ball. Laser guns can really spoil the day for machine gunners, rocket launchers, and fascist hacks. And finally, infuriate the high-levelers by getting armor to protect yourself against critical hits.

Is the fast-paced, third-person gameplay similar to Doom and Quake? Yes!
Will there be explosions and gore? Yes!
What about carnage? Of course!

The outcome of this all-out war is up to you! Don't fail your country now, son!

This is your hour of duty!