The Battle for Wesnoth
This is meant to be a concise list of player-visible changes (very minor
changes may be omitted). For a complete list of changes, see the main

Version 1.11.0:
* Add-ons client:
* The Update Add-ons dialog has been replaced with an alternate view mode
for the main Add-ons Manager.
* The Add-ons Manager now allows filtering add-ons by installation status
(all, installed, not installed, upgradable).
* Add-ons in the Add-ons Manager are initially sorted by title instead of
the order they were originally uploaded to the server.
* Add-ons with broken/unavailable dependencies are reported to the user.
* The add-on dependencies prompt reports all recursively-resolved
dependencies, not just the direct dependencies.
* Add-on installation, upgradability, and publish status is reported as a
footnote for every list entry, plus a field in the Description dialog.
* The Add-ons Manager filter textbox is preserved during the same
connection (i.e. while installing multiple add-ons).

* Campaigns:
* Added a note to all final scenarios, stating which one is the last
* A Tale of Two Brothers:
* Fix bug #19949: Turns left counter initially incorrect when objectives
change and turn limit is extended.
* The Chase: fixed some missing messages if no unit with role=speaker is
* Descent into Darkness:
* Fix most possible cases for Darken Volk becoming "stuck"
in 09_A_Small_Favor3.
* Eastern Invasion:
* Revisions to dialogue and part of the story.
* Heir to the Throne:
* Implemented FR #19418: the Orcs destroy the villages near Konrad's castle
when capturing them in The Elves Besieged
* Fixed bug #19531: scroll to reinforcement units in Blackwater Port
* Legend of Wesmere:
* Fix bug #19577 - some terrain was not snow covered.
* Sceptre of Fire:
* Keep recall list at end of scenario 7
* Son of the Black Eye:
* Removed Al'Brock and Flar'Tar death as defeat condition in objectives in
Civil War.
* Fixed bug #19684: Kapou'e says a different message if he kills the first
Elf in Silent Forest
* Silent Forest: the messages that appear upon killing the first Elf can be
translated differently depending on the Elf's gender
* The Hammer of Thursagan:
* Karrag now gets enough gold to actually recruit when met.
* The South Guard:
* Fixed bug #19758: Urza Afalas' sighted event is fired also when the Lich
is seen, and if the player allies with the Elves, then both Urza Afalas
and Mal M'Brin must be defeated
* Tutorial:
* Applied patch #3203: Allow to end the scenario via the right-click menu.
* Fixed bug #19316: Narrator messages are now translated.
* Replacd $unit.type by $unit.language_name to make a string completely
* Fixed bug #19367: Incomplete i18n in wesnoth-tutorial.
* Under the Burning Suns:
* Made it so that Kaleh gets the default AMLA after he's been fully
* Fix appearance of flood on wooden boards.
* Made it so that all units are rehydrated quietly upon victory in scenario
* The Human Commander unit now uses the smallfoot movetype instead of
* Display dehydration status in the sidebar.
* Ensure player always has positive gold leaving the cave in Out of the
Frying Pan.
* New and much improved AI for human messenger in "Out of the Frying Pan".
* Taking all items is now optional.
* Finding the map in scenario 3 is now useful.
* Healers now prevent dehydration instead of removing it, so they no longer
heal dehydrated units.
* New art for Dark Assassin.

* Editor:
* New gui theme, fixes the editor being broken on low resolutions.
* Smaller font for displaying the terrain information.
* Less space between the map coordinates and the terrain information
(no need to display defense value)
* More width sidebar
* Features one more editing tool per row.
* Additional brush
* Button for default zoom switching.
* Space for a second row of editing tools.
* Terrain group selection from a menu, saving a lot of space.

* Help menu:
* Added a new Add-ons section explaining add-on usage basics.
* Added more elaborate descriptions for the Units, Abilities and Weapon
Specials sections, with the intent of reducing confusion when they are
initially empty (feature request #13914).

* Language and i18n:
* New translation: Ukrainian.
* Updated translations: British English, Chinese (Simplified),
Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, Galician,
German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean,
Latin, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Old English, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil),
Russian, Slovak, Spanish.

* Multiplayer:
* A New Land:
* Made it so that the "Elvish Shaman" option in the elvish unit selection
menu gets translated. Fixes bug #19677.
* Fix an accidental terrain type change in Isar's Cross.
* Fix attacker side being human in 6p_Team_Survival.
* Canceling the sides setup screen when hosting a MP game now brings the
host back to the game configuration screen first instead of returning
immediately to the lobby or (for hotseat) titlescreen (bug #7130).

* Terrain:
* New tropical frost images.
* New palm forest terrain.
* Deprecated flowers (Ggf) and Volcano (Qv) terrains removed.
Use Gg^Efm and Mv respectively.
* Fix bridge/rail transitions to each other.
* New stone, hanging, and wooden chasm bridges.

* User interface:
* Restored leader unit image in Load Game dialog (bug #18683)
* Added a "Back to Start" option to the game menu to load the current
scenario's start save if it is available (feature/bug #18027).
* Added tooltips to Load Game dialog (feature/bug #18249).
* Added a Reset All button to Hotkey Settings dialog in preferences
(feature/bug #3797)
* Map editor now displays invisible overlay terrains on main map.
* Re-fogging does not occur in the middle of the player's turn.
* Fixed provided saved game filenames being ignored when requesting to
save a MP game due to a network or OOS error (bug #19562).
* Clicking a unit does not reveal adjacent hidden units (bug #19381).
* Trying to initiate movement (or an attack) before previous movement is
finished no longer unselects the current unit (bug #19734). (The new
movement command is still deliberately ignored.)
* The recruit and recall commands no longer appear in the context menu
for shrouded or (visibly) occupied hexes.
* Fixed bug #19844: Block recruiting into shrouded hexes.
* Fixed bug #19783: Disable commands while WML menu items are executing.
* Fixed bug #19533: Both damage tooltips now take into account local factors.

* Whiteboard:
* Fixed bug #19369: Using planning mode can cause losing ability to move my
* Fixed bug #19408: Crash shortly after executing invalid multi-turn move
* Fixed bug #19581: Leader can still move after a planned recall.
* Shortened all context menu items.
* Fixed bug #19619: In local games, units keep ghosted appearance during
opponent's turn.
* Fixed bug #19613: Multiple attacks after planning attacks in whiteboard.
* Fixed bug #19618: Problems with ending turn with impossible moves.
* Fixed bug #19615: Can see part of opponents' planned moves in local
multiplayer game.

* Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
* Fix wrong preferences path suffix (1.1 instead of 1.10) on Linux and other
platforms using XDG layout (no compiled-in preferences path override).
* Fixed bug #19503 : "maximum auto saves" setting now works correctly.
* Units can now have a new value ("vision") which is used for sight range
instead of movement.
* Vision range can have its own costs now.
* Fixed: Out-of-sync message in EI::16_Weldyn_under_Attack (bug #19735)