Drox Operative v0.919 Beta Patch
fixed a spacing problem in one of the Lithosoid race dialogs (Steve)
fixed escape not working on Drox screen (ScrObot)
added 5 more anomaly variations
fixed missing QuestAnnounceNeededItemUltimateWeapons translation (dtolman)
fixed super swarm thanks text (Roswitha)
fixed drug wave thanks test (Roswitha)
fixed containment field breach spelling (Roswitha)
fixed Armageddon monster spelling (Roswitha)
fixed WarCriminal translation (and other renegade types) (Roswitha)
fixed wishes to steal our collection typo (Roswitha)
fixed a problem where trying to install a 5th cargo bay sometimes the empty cargo bay disappears (alstein/Shrugging Khan)
Fringe's chaos is now a little more neutral
aggressive races are now more aggressive towards the weak or their desired war and less agressive towards everyone else
expansionist races now focus on scouting more and get some initial population boosts
fixed insidious spelling (Roswitha)
fixed missing plasma storm translations (ScrObot)
fixed a wording problem in destruction help topic (graffen69)
fixed a problem where sometimes a rescue ship's position doesn't match quest location (Grifman/Roswitha)
fixed at least one of the ways ships go back and forth through wormholes (Roswitha)
added missing Rotate translation (all_zebest)
now jump gates that are traded for are shared with other players (Schappelijk)
fixed Dryad faction with some monsters and some neutral npcs like wandering vendors (Steve)
increased Industrial racial trait minerals bonus from 1.5 to 2.0
increased Productive racial trait minerals/food bonus from 1.35 to 1.5
fixed a race starting position issue (may or may not spread them out more)
increased Brilliant racial trait tech bonus from 1.5 to 2.0
increased chances Shadow do espionage, propaganda, and sabotage (Sendrien)
scrollbar no longer lets you scroll past last line (roy7/ScrObot)
fixed QuestOptionalShort (Lyranaar)
can now right click on starlane and wormholes on system map to jump to the next map (Waffles)