Drox Operative v0.920 Beta Patch
achievements are now permanent, immediate, and tell you when you have achieved them
effects are simulated better at lower frame rates
no longer create/free particle models each time (a bit faster and should fragment memory less)
no longer change color, texture coord, or vertex array setting if hasn't changed
ai has less of a chance to wake up other ai now
now each race has a max number of civilian ships they can have out at one time
non-leader ai ships no longer activate other ai
ai destroyed by ai away from the player no longer drop loot
once a race's total number of military ships gets above a certain size, each fleet has to be a little smaller
now cull out more effects when too far from players
first level can now be purged of entities
fixed a convuleted crash involving Backlash Missile Hacking and Patchwork Burn Thrower
now when run out of entities, try to purge some entities right away, but are careful to not purge the same level
fixed a few cases where we could get duplicate monsters
now only calculate race's power once a second (instead of every frame)
now cache numMilitaryShips value
check for lost ship and planets less
no longer try to add set status effects (not used and speed improvement when ignoring)
now ai far away from a player check active status less often
on actors, only update skills when the actor is awake
turned stamina stuff off (wasn't being used, but was slowing things down slightly)
removed an unnecessary check in updateTimers
turned off recently hurt stuff (wasn't being used, but was slowing things down slightly)
fixed a couple problems with ship build time estimate (Roswitha/Crisses)
improved the look of the some of the menus a little
can no longer install more than one of the same kind of passive weapon component
rewrote some of the UniqueRaidPlan quest texts (Roswitha)
rewrote giant spiders quest text (Roswitha)
fixed punctuation in Shadow enemy attacking planet dialog (Roswitha)
fixed missing TalkToMonster translation (Roswitha)
guard planet announce text now tells you system (Crisses)
colonize quests will now fail if declined once accepted (kizune)
long teleporter traps are no longer allowed on random objects (DarkTraveler)
decreased unstable wormhole chance on anomalies (DarkTraveler)
now show a green + on main relation and diplomacy screens if a race has something they want to buy from you (Crisses)
fixed plural issue with 0 (Roswitha)
fixed have broken free typo (Roswitha)
reworded Colonize quest text some (Roswitha)
planets, rifts, and stars now slow down projectiles (longshot)
now show race bonus text if you highlight race icon on either character screen (ShaggyMoose/graffen69)
changed Patchwork's fire type attack to thermal damage