Drox Operative v0.923 Beta Patch
fixed some stray black pixels around the new hourglass cursor (Valgor)
increased the size of Drakk colony ships (Valgor)
added message options and drox info to game help screen
fixed Doomsday Wave spacing in a few places (Valgor)
fixed ECM Sweep Jammer typo (Valgor)
added basic tech name, level, and tech name for each tech on tech page (Crisses)
made the opening screen cool :)
rearranged buttons on main menu some to take advantage of widescreen modes
now initial ships start a little ways off of the planet
mimics now keep their direction and velocity when transforming
added a way to inject a code into text to shift character vertically or horizontally
fixed alignment of hardcore character score (Steve)
fixed + hint that race has stuff to trade when you added all of it to a trade but didn't actually trade (Steve)
now hide vendor menus a little more consistently when clicking to move away (Steve)
made research quests a bit easier (research clues spawn more often and correct monsters more common) (aReclusiveMind/Steve)
decreased fighter launch, weapon dropped, shield hit, and polaron beam sound volumes (Steve)
added Allow Basic Mouse Move option (Zengrath)
fixed starlanes/wormholes to first system not color coding correctly (Crisses)
now researched anomalies give 0.1 legend points (Crisses)
increased points needed for economic win by about 11%
now get fear points for destroying Expert and Veteran ships
now get some of the fear/legend points when killing a named monster and the rest when turning in the quest (Crisses)
can now give friendly race ships consumables (Crisses)
fixed DoesntMeetRequirements translation
fixed starlane and traps with minimum model detail (incognoscente)
now when subraces split off they take a good chunk of credits with them
increased race base starting credits by about 50% (a lot at lvl 1, insignificant at lvl 100)
crew's max health now goes up when they level up
crew now get full health when they level up
now crew start with the correct health (Roswitha)
increased crew health to the same level as components