Drox Operative v0.924 Beta Patch
increased crew happiness drop chance from 0.01 to 0.02
now each ship upgrade lose some defense
added tactical bonus skills - damage, critical hit, and direct hit
added helm bonus skills - defense, thrust
added structural bonus skills - armor and structure regen
added engineering bonus skills - energy and power load
added computers bonus skills - attack, defense, and shields regen
increased resistance components bonus by 50%
made ship tilting smoother
finally fixed normal components showing up in essential components section
fixed drakk/cortex hybrid quest (Valgor)
fixed being able to swap a carbo bay with something else and getting a normal component in a cargo bay slot (Valgor)
can now switch crew equipment directly without warning that can't have more than one
improved confirm war menu
reworded you were spaced intro a little (Roswitha)
reworded war quest text a little (Roswitha)
changed Immobiliser to Immobilizer (Roswitha)
ballistics (kinetic) now get 35% damage bonus against shields and 25% damage penalty against structure
missiles (explosion) now get 35% damage bonus against armor and 35% damage penalty against shields
EM now gets 35% damage bonus against structure and 35% damage penalty against armor & shields
radiation now gets 35% damage bonus against structure and 35% damage penalty against armor & shields
beams are consistent against all defenses
when a planet changes hands it now clears the stored damage done so doesn't blame the wrong race or player later
fixed not showing quests for system when changed to a different system on the system map (Roswitha)
fixed not being able to start challenges (Crisses)
fixed scroll bar on select other race screen (ScrObot)
now show the number of followers you have next to the aggressive/defensive icon
opening screen game can no longer be paused (Roswitha)
now selected item in many of the ui lists shows an arrow to make it easier to know which item is selected (ScrObot)
rearranged buttons on trade/negotiate screen
moved power axis label to right side of graph (Valgor)
you can now block monster upgrade messages (Roswitha)
made monsters needed for terraform quests more common (Steve)
can no longer get multiple system anomaly modifiers (Steve)
can no longer get multiple system storm modifiers
fixed beams lasting longer than they were supposed to
can no longer repair at planets when enemies are too close
fixed a don't have enough credits for repair print