Drox Operative v0.926 Beta Patch
fixed opening screen bleeding into choose ship, new ship, and choose sector screens
changed normal sector size to medium (not the default anymore so not really normal) (Steve)
sped up respawn if system has a player and a quest that the player has
increased chances of spawning monsters involved in quests
added 13 types of mine fields (Bluddy)
doubled asteroid field chances
create ships screen now clears name when shown (incognoscente)
now will lose target lock on purpose if target goes out of range (option to keep old way though) (Steve/Cheet4h/keith.lamothe)
now get closest enemy to cursor method won't lock on if out of range (snow)
weapon control components now speed up bombs, em, freezer, mine, and virus weapons (fluffybot)
fixed planets and npcs screwing up strongest monster defeated stuff (Shardz)
added highlight text to Play button
added better messages when trying to change race ship components (ScrObot)
increased min level for long teleporter trap
made fighter types more unique: interceptors get a 50% attack bonus, bombers shoot missiles, raiders are 40% faster, stealth fighters get a 50% defense bonus, and drones get a 50% acceleration and turn speed bonus (goodgimp/RoboAV)
added context sensitive help for quest screen
added context sensitive help for buy/sell screen
fixed map help menu
fixed background on help screen not blocking widescreen things on the right even though the graphic covers it
key is now drawn on system map also
added context sensitive help for map screen
moved buy/sell menu up slightly so could see at least 1 text message (Crisses)
made Done button on various quest menus more consistent
made secondary right click slots a bit more obvious by making them smaller and more alphaed out (Crisses)
can now hold down right click to continue attacking (Crisses/cpmartins)
now tell player when his attack misses (Wanderer/Moonshine Fox)
stars no longer take damage (Ripperjk/Waffles)
black boxes show up on minimap way better now
added a try again button to the hardcore death screen (ScrObot)
added a description for critical hit and direct hit when highlighting their values on other stats page (Waffles)
added a quick tip about consumables and NPCs
system has become too dangerous now mentions race (Crisses)
fixed character exports (html & vbulletin)
added tachyon storms - speeds up missiles, speeds up ships, and destroys shields (Bluddy)
added radiation storms - lots of radiation damage
added nanomite clouds - lots of explosion damage
added antimatter fields - explode on contact or damage (pnakotus/Aganazer)
added unstable black holes - damage and slow down
fixed an effect problem with the Pulsar Generator
added nebulas - permanent part of system, lessens chances of being seen, increases defense, and has an energy drain (Magitek/Valgor)
monster ships are no longer capped at 200 speed
improved the bonuses page
improved the other stats/main stats/bonuses buttons
added selection graphic to quest menus (Mivo)
level 1 now gets a small boost of items (Steve)
added a little to Quest Givers help topic about relations screen (Steve)
changed save version to 131
now quest button glows when you have an auto quest that you haven't looked at yet (kerzain)
improved selected notch graphic
reworded the game object help topic slightly (Steve)
added System Map full help topic
added Galaxy Map full help topic
added Minimap full help topic
improved the advanced race relations full help topic
fixed full help topics on map screen
fixed Direct Hit on bonuses page (ScrObot)
increased legend points lost when destroying a planet, freighter, cruise ship, diplomat ship, or colony ship (Sedlex)
decreased legend points lost when destroying a military race ship from -1.0 to -0.25 (Sedlex)