Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage v1.3 Patch
- Fixed bug where some weapons would shoot although the player has been killed and waiting for respawn.
- Dedicated server optimizations.
- Dedicated server can be configured to omit car parts synchronization leading to bandwidth conservation.
- Added NetGraph console command (green line is ping and white line is number of received packets received from the server).
- Fixed bug when server would begin start game countdown if last player in lobby gets disconnected.
- Synchronized oil patches from destructible oil barrels.
- Fixed bug where user could create preset with invalid name.
- Railgun reload time in multiplayer is now same as reload time in single player (1.6s).

Single Player/Common:
- Improved collision geometry on all tracks. The car should not be able to get stuck so easily now.
- Fixed bug where on some locations on tracks (e.g. Balcanica Challenge), the car would not be automatically reset when it should be. This caused incorrect lap counting.
- The in-game car deformations (geometric damage) are now saved permanently. When car is repaired, the deformations are repaired too. Note that car cannot be customized while it is damaged now.
- Added nVidia and Steam Greenlight stickers to Mazderatti and Hound Bermude.
- Reduced the number of laps for races.
- Increased damage on car crashes.
- Increased damage done by weapons.
- The user can now navigate the menus using the game controller.
- The game now recognizes up to four connected controllers. Control mappings are defined per controller. The user can choose active controller from the options menu.
- Added default controller mappings for many popular controllers.
- Implemented preliminary force-feedback support. Currently only Xbox controllers are supported.
- General game controllers support improvements.
- Options menu redesigned to match look and feel of rest of the menus.
- The application restarts itself automatically if option(s) that require restart is applied. The option(s) that require restart cannot be changed if options menu is entered from in-game pause menu.
- The camera in garage can be rotated using the keyboard/controller now. TAB key changes the focus between menu buttons and the camera.
- Added support for mouse cursor auto-hide. If mouse input has not been received for more than 10 seconds, the cursor hides itself. The auto-hide timeout can be changed in GasGuzzlers.xml. The variable name is CursorAutoHideTime. Set to negative value to disable cursor auto-hide.
- Weapon from the current car is automatically mounted on the newly bought car.
- Video mode aspect ratios are now displayed in graphics options.
- All cameras listed in database are available for in-game switching. Added screen rain drops show/hide option per camera (in database).
- Added company and game intro movies.
- Added Nvidia "The Way It's Meant To Be Played" intro movie.
- Fixed bug where pressing TAB key while the server list is empty caused the game to loose input focus.
- Fixed bug where rank list in events menu is empty if race within tournament was retired.
- Fixed bug with incorrect display of number of kills in in-game race info.
- Fixed bug where profile could not be created if My Documents folder was on a network path.
- Fixed bug where license plate would be invalid after ALT+TAB.
- Fixed bug where game would unpause itself when going to options from race and vice-versa.
- Fixed bug where driver win animation would not sometimes play.
- Fixed bug where retire button is available in race results screen when quick race has been finished.
- Loading screen is shown when loading profiles.
- Wait cursor is shown when loading profiles and garage.
- Locked cars can also be viewed in a garage now.
- GameConfig.xml is not used anymore (its settings are in GasGuzzlers.xml now).
- Driver idle animation in profiles has been changed (from drunken to generic standing).
- Localization improvements.
- The AI resets itself less often.
- A few AI improvements.
- Rank list split time is captured per checkpoint now.
- Railgun auto aim depends on difficulty now.
- Game messages and rank list are smaller for lower screen resolutions.
- Implemented fixed cameras (bumper, hood) shake when driving over rough surfaces.
- Fixed bug where car would become visible on respawn when bumper camera is selected.
- Fixed few money rounding bugs.