Serious Sam 3: BFE Patch 23 October 2012
- Player now has correct animations in 3rd person when wielding the axe.
- Fixed fast-firing exploit on SledgeHammer/Axes.
- In versus game modes, C4 projectile can now be picked up by any player after it has been idle for a while. In non-versus game modes, it can only be picked up by the player who threw it.
- In versus games, C4 bombs now collide and bounce off of enemy players when hit, rather than pass through them.
- After respawning, players can no longer trigger C4 explosives that they threw before being killed.
- When a player is killed in versus game mode holding a weapon with no ammo remaining, they will no longer drop it as a pickable weapon item.
- Fixed sniper mask not being rendered if weapon rendering is disabled.
- Fixed crashing when going into spectate on DemonTomb, Medina and TombofNefretari.
- Added Tehnopolip after 4 min of gameplay on SV_MedinaDefender.
- Fixed some places on MedinaDefender, CairoCity and UnfinishedComplex where player could get out of the level.
- Fixed falling out of world in Fiaca.
- Fixed error in Sphinx explosive planting script.
- Fixed wrong handling of file case in Linux dedicated server.
- Russian VO for JotN DLC.
- Drag&dropping entities onto script variable in editor did not work in the first line in script. Fixed.
- Fixed a rare crash in FBX skeleton loader.
- Added cvar 'ogl_bCompressCachedShaders' to control whether OpenGL shaders will be compressed when cached to files or not.
- Fixed shader cache not saving properly on OpenGL.
- Fixed some fatal errors not being visible if happened in full screen.