Nuclear Dawn v6.7 Patch Released
- Added support for Steam Workshop for sharing custom maps.
- Added average player rank to server browser and Play Now server calculation.
- Sprays and kit/gizmo preferences now sync with Steam Cloud.
- Improved alt-tab handling under Windows Vista and Windows 7.
- Added community-contributed kill icon updates.

Other fixes
- Fixed occasional 'stuck' bug after spawning.
- Fixed ammo counter on daisy cutter for CT Assault & Support and Empire Support.
- Fixed ammo counter on CT Stealth.
- Fixed an issue where chat would not show to commanders until they clicked the chat box.
- Fixed crash on game launch if squad talk key is pressed during start.
- Fixed glitch where research-restricted kit could show as selected even if unusable.
- Fixed squad chat not working if mega menu was open.
- Fixed exploit allowing research/structure pre-reqs bypass for building.
- Fixed a con_logfile ConVar exploit.
- Fixed an issue with localization of disconnect messages.
- Fixed an issue with bullet particle effect on some weapons.
- Fixed command bunkers decloaking own team's Stealths.
- Fixed another joinclass command crash exploit.
- Fixed console error when reloading shotgun.
- Fixed some intermittent client and server crashes, including crashes related to multi-core rendering being enabled.

Community requests and mod support
- Added Sketchup Tools to ND Authoring Tools.
- Added a Reset input to resource point entities for map scripting.
- Changed Warfare win condition to All bunkers eliminated instead of one bunker eliminated by request for custom maps.
- Unlocked sv_gravity and cl_show_self_hypospray_effect ConVars by user request.
- Fixed further issues with load order between disk files, map files, and vpk files.
- Fixed bspzip'd map backgrounds and map scripts to be read correctly.
- Fixed vpk.exe always implying -M and -v options despite documentation.