Drox Operative v0.929 Beta Patch
improved the next/prev race buttons a little
made exit buttons on race relations and technology pages more consistent
increased damage of EM Burst and Lightning Cannon (Sedlex)
changed botnet benefit from +attack to *direct hit (Sedlex)
increased power load for Dynamic Frequency Generators by 50%
increased computer active boosts by about 50% (Sedlex)
fixed a rounding issue that sometimes results in a crew level up with not stat raised (Cheet4h/Crisses)
fixed a couple spacing problems in general tips dialog (ScrObot)
changed XP capitalization (ScrObot)
slight change to Asexual description (ScrObot)
fixed spelling error in advanced cargo topic (ScrObot)
improved boss quest text a little (ScrObot)
added a comma to ClearLevel text (ScrObot)
changed ignored to refused in blackmail text (ScrObot)
fixed plural issue in ArtifactOfDoom text (ScrObot)
fixed plural issue in BuildingFleet text (ScrObot/incognoscente)
reworded WarMonger quest text a little (ScrObot)
fixed punctuation issue in ExperimentGoneWrong text (ScrObot)
slight wording change in GeneticEngineering (ScrObot)
reworded CivilWar thanks text slightly (ScrObot)
reworded Coup text a little (ScrObot)
reworded Genetically Engineered Apes (ScrObot)
fixed a Gamma Ray Burst typo (ScrObot)
fixed OzoneDepletion typo (ScrObot)
fixed a MutantAnts crop failure typo (ScrObot)
reworded MagneticFieldShifting quest text some (ScrObot)
reworded MegaFlood quest text slightly (ScrObot)
fixed a Nuclear Winter quest text issue (ScrObot)
fixed a typo in SuperTornado text (ScrObot)
fixed layman's terms spelling (ScrObot)
fixed MutantAnts thanks text (ScrObot)
fixed existence spelling (ScrObot)
reworded Barbarian text a little (ScrObot)
reworded GeomagneticStorm text a little (ScrObot)
fixed general public spelling (ScrObot)
reworded ComputerVirusPeople text some (ScrObot)
fixed some punctuation in terraforming quests (ScrObot)
fixed some other minor quest typos (ScrObot)
fixed QuestTextNeededItemAsexualRebels not formatted correctly (ScrObot)
fixed QuestTextNeededItemTelepathsRebels not formatted correctly (ScrObot)
highlighting starlanes/wormholes on system map tells you quests in that system
highlighting starlanes/wormholes tells you quests in that system
fixed a fleet typo (incognoscente)
fixed a punctuation issue in Won Game help topic (incognoscente)
fixed punctuation of one of the Fringe dialog lines (incognoscente)
fixed the punctuation of a few comma splices in quest text (incognoscente)
fixed some spelling issues with ECM Spot Jammer (Roswitha)
changed fighters per bay: fighters (3), bombers (1), raiders (4), and drones (2)
changed structure/damage to make all fighters about as powerful as they were per bay
increased bomber damage to compensate better for slower missile time
added some new fighter, bomber, and raider bays to fill in some level gaps
changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 10
kill race ships progress text is now smarter about plurals (incognoscente)
moving installed components to another installed slot no longer requires re-installation time (Crisses)
now starlane/wormhole locations match direction to system better
mouse scroll no longer affects game when in a full screen menu (incognoscente)
now dropped identified components show that they have been identified (Crisses/aReclusiveMind)
now stop all sounds when show loading screen
no longer get money sound if selling or buying fails for some reason (incognoscente/Crisses)
fixed getting ship components in anomaly message but none spawning (incognoscente/Crisses)
fixed ambush/rescue quest (incognoscente)
fixed renagades not spawning sometimes
fixed renegades spawning in wrong position if in first system
fixed rescue turn smuggler/pirate ship names changing (incognoscente)
fixed some cargo bay blinking issues (incognoscente)
Drox Operatives hotkey works on win and lose screens now
added achievement unlocked sound
added Bounty Hunters (they hunt Drox Operatives)
fixed ancient monster/weapon quests
rumored position text now tells you system name
decresed missile defense reuse time from 1.5 to 0.5 (Sedlex)
now won condition blinks on win progress screen (Steve)
added win type to win screens
now lose condition blinks on lose progress screen (Steve)
added loss type to lose screen
now lose timer highlight text is lose condition specific (Crisses)
made power load a little more obvious on equipment screen
toned down purple anomaly effects a little
now show X on race specific components that you can't equip (Crisses)
armor now takes twice as long to install
Talon, Legion, and Overlord no longer give clear system quests since they don't have general monster problems (Crisses)
Dryads will no longer give chemical, biological, nuclear weapon quests (Crisses)
fixed all of help topic ?s not highlighting correctly sometimes
can no longer install unidentified components (Crisses)
added text to pet stance to clarify difference between aggressive/defensive (Crisses)
typing in chat or the console no longer turns your ship (Crisses)
crew can now have bonuses other than crew points (Lyranaar)
centered stats on character menus
rewrote one of the win texts (Roswitha)
fixed some issues with picking up components near planets (Wanderer/dtolman/Sendrien)
improved planet explosion
fixed 2 "Trying to reference a userVar" warnings (Valgor)
fixed boss quests not spawning correctly
rewrote sound volume text slightly to make music volume more clear (Crisses)
only show selected arrows on main quest screen when a valid quest is selected (Steve/ScrObot)
now show a timer on main game screen if you have a quest with a timer (Jinsai)
ballistic shots from monsters are now straight instead of heat seeking (void)
made when hit/on hit components more clear which is which (Crisses)
now show the number of ships a race has when highlighting their icon
fixed renegade disappeared text (Roswitha)
reworded a Utopian Demand Rejected text (incognoscente)