Elemental: Fallen Enchantress v1.02 Patch
Added edge scrolling in tactical
Added code so that we can have the same floating text system we have in tactical but on the strategic map. Currently this is only used for modifiers with a display name, such as Destiny's Gift to show which of its random effects are applied.
Added xml support for city enchantments to ignore the essence requirement

Fixed an issue where animations can repeat when shrunk
Fixed the "Defeated an Army" Achievement
Fixed a bug where death ward would only work if you got killed by melee
Fixed a bug where upon loading a gamesave, total tapped shard counts were sometimes off
Fixed an issue that could cause AI Sovereigns to get duplicate strength traits
Fixed an order of operation issue where shrink/growth/giant form can have an odd effect with other attack multipliers
The Sword of Wrath now correctly gives hit points when it kills an opponent
Fixed an issue that can cause forests to look white when going from cloth map to world view
Fixed an issue where you could get floating waterfalls after casting Raise Land (fix from Parrottmath!)
Blood Curse is now castable on cities without a free essence
Fixed an issue that if you razed a city with immobilzed units in it they would be hidden under the FoW
Fixed an issue when units were killed by a backswing or counterattack
Improved end-turn performance significantly
Reduced memory consumption
Crash fixes

Dragonfly Bracers have a cost now
Water temples have the correct cost now
Removed the casting time from the Dirge of Ceresa spell
Titan's Imp now correctly summons at 8th level
Removed duplicate gildar rewards from the rat in the ruins quest
Reduced Horrific Wail to 2 damage per level (instead of 3)
Immune to magic no longer protects against special abilities like crushing blow and true strike
Increased the spell resistance on dragons
Increased the casting cost of Curse, Blindness, Growth and Shrink
Destiny's Gift can now be cast on your sovereign (as well as champions)
Destiny's Insight can now be cast on your sovereign (as well as champions)
Tweaked the shop value on several weapons
Waerloga the Dragonlord is much tougher
Dragons cant injure themselves with their breath weapons anymore
Mushrooms, Bread, Salted Pork and Tilda Herbs can only be used 1/battle per unit
Apothecary only sells Growth potions (they dont sell Healing Potions and Iru Elixirs anymore)
Alchemists sell Growth and Healing Potions (but they dont sell Iru Elixirs anymore)
Alchemy Labs sell Iru Elixirs, but they cost more

AI Won't berserk units if they have less than 10 hp
Player created sovereigns get random traits based on their race when played by the AI
General AI improvements
AI interacts more often
AI smarter about its movement in tactical battles

It no longer displays the hp/mana from killing an opponent before the attack
The game no longer displays duplicate spells on the unit info screen (for spells with a tactical and strategic version)
Credits window plays music
Custom faction unit and building colors are now retained between games