StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm v2.0.2 Beta Patch


Players who wish to associate casually and in larger numbers than Clans can now create and join Groups, with a designated chat channel, a News tab where stories can be posted, an Info tab where officers can post a brief description of the Group, and a Members roster. For more information on Groups, check out our first look at the feature.

Unranked Play

On the Multiplayer screen, players can now select Unranked Play to engage in matchmaking with the ranking system suspended.

Players Near Me

Recognizes other StarCraft II games running on the player’s network, making it easier to chat, play, and make friends with nearby players.

AI Communication

Players can now issue orders to AI partners.
This is a preliminary implementation of this feature, and we will be adding to it over the coming weeks. Please keep an eye on our Heart of the Swarm Beta Discussion forum for further updates.

The StarCraft II Arcade is now available in the Heart of the Swarm Beta.

The number of levels for each race has been increased from 20 to 30, for a total of 90 attainable levels per character.
The overall XP required to reach max-level has been increased.
All XP previously earned has been reset to zero. Thanks for your continuing feedback, and please keep it coming!


Maps that appear in the Custom Games section now include all of the same Game Info pages as the maps available in the Arcade (Overview, How to Play, Patch Notes, Reviews).
In-Game UI Polish

Decal art has been updated to appear brighter and more visible.
New Victory/Loss sequences now play at the end of a game.

New options added to aid newer players in the Options > Controls menu:

Team Colored Life Bar
Always Show Worker Status
Simple Command Card
Show Current Order Indicator
Select All Larvae
Display Experience Points
Enable Enemy Unit Selection

The Help section has been revised and updated.


Physics updates

New ragdoll physics deaths have been added on many units.
Physics effects have been polished on many existing units.
Performance has been improved.
Physics-triggered sounds have been added.


Many new features, updates, and improvements to the StarCraft II Editor have been made throughout the beta test. Please see our Comprehensive Editor Updates List in the Beta Discussion forum.


A new set of balance changes have been included with the release of Patch 2.0.2. For more info, please visit the Balance Update threads in the Beta Discussion forum.


A full list of documented game and service bugs can be found in our Known Issues sticky in the Beta Bug Report forum.