Men of War: Assault Squad v2.05.15 Patch

• Added new 3d Model gun shell
• Added new 3d Model 20cm shell
• Added new 3d Model 30cm shell
• Added new 3d Model 203mm shell
• Added new 3d Model kamikaze body armor
• Added new 3d Model axe
• Added new 3d Model crow bar
• Added new 3d Model cord wood
• Added new 3d Model camoflage kit
• Changed flamers to be less vulnerable to fire
• Changed Russian tanks to have same burn engine specs like all other factions
• Increased SMG accuracy slightly
• Increased accuracy of quad .50 cal
• Increased health damage of SMGs slightly
• Increased health damage of pistols slightly
• Increased HE effeciency of 25pdr
• Increased HE effeciency of medium artillery slightly
• Reduced HMG sandbags resistance to HE
• Reduced accuracy of mguns slightly
• Reduced accuracy of small arms slightly behind cover
• Removed locking of firing distance from SMGs
• Removed locking of firing distance from tank guns
• Fixed Goliath inventory
• Fixed wrong avoidance settings
• Fixed some visuals of the German flame canister
• Fixed inventory size of 105mm shells
• Fixed a bug that AT-rifles were more accurate in prone than in cover
• Fixed environment wind settings


• Changed timers of half-tracks to equal heavy machine guns
• Changed timer of Bazooka Willys from 4 to 5min
• Increased CP of KV-1 from 15 CP to 30 CP
• Increased price of M3 Half-track from 125 MP to 150 MP
• Increased price of IS-2 from 1500 MP to 1600 MP
• Increased price of KV-1 from 525 MP to 550 MP
• Increased price of KV-85 from 900 MP to 950 MP
• Increased price of Pak 40 from 400 MP to 420 MP
• Increased price of BM-8-24 from 5 SP to 6 SP
• Increased price of PAK 43 from 5 SP to 6 SP
• Reduced price of Greyhound from 280 MP to 260 MP
• Reduced price of Churchill AVRE from 7 SP to 6 SP
• Reduced CP of Archer from 15 CP to 10 CP
• Removed timers from heavy AA guns