Men of War: Assault Squad v2.05.15 Patch

Added new 3d Model gun shell
Added new 3d Model 20cm shell
Added new 3d Model 30cm shell
Added new 3d Model 203mm shell
Added new 3d Model kamikaze body armor
Added new 3d Model axe
Added new 3d Model crow bar
Added new 3d Model cord wood
Added new 3d Model camoflage kit
Changed flamers to be less vulnerable to fire
Changed Russian tanks to have same burn engine specs like all other factions
Increased SMG accuracy slightly
Increased accuracy of quad .50 cal
Increased health damage of SMGs slightly
Increased health damage of pistols slightly
Increased HE effeciency of 25pdr
Increased HE effeciency of medium artillery slightly
Reduced HMG sandbags resistance to HE
Reduced accuracy of mguns slightly
Reduced accuracy of small arms slightly behind cover
Removed locking of firing distance from SMGs
Removed locking of firing distance from tank guns
Fixed Goliath inventory
Fixed wrong avoidance settings
Fixed some visuals of the German flame canister
Fixed inventory size of 105mm shells
Fixed a bug that AT-rifles were more accurate in prone than in cover
Fixed environment wind settings


Changed timers of half-tracks to equal heavy machine guns
Changed timer of Bazooka Willys from 4 to 5min
Increased CP of KV-1 from 15 CP to 30 CP
Increased price of M3 Half-track from 125 MP to 150 MP
Increased price of IS-2 from 1500 MP to 1600 MP
Increased price of KV-1 from 525 MP to 550 MP
Increased price of KV-85 from 900 MP to 950 MP
Increased price of Pak 40 from 400 MP to 420 MP
Increased price of BM-8-24 from 5 SP to 6 SP
Increased price of PAK 43 from 5 SP to 6 SP
Reduced price of Greyhound from 280 MP to 260 MP
Reduced price of Churchill AVRE from 7 SP to 6 SP
Reduced CP of Archer from 15 CP to 10 CP
Removed timers from heavy AA guns