Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict GOLD v1.03 Patch
- DECISION events that are TYPE=2 reset their result value at the end of the turn (mcaryf1)
- fixed a FREE UNIT error that would leave free units in the port of a surrendered country (MJY)
- fixed a Paratroops combat replay error during the last turn replay sequence for email games (Shaun)
- fixed a unit combat error for free Chinese units that could not be attacked by Japanese units (Rafael)
- AI will now swap units under the right combat and reorganizational conditions
- captured resources for a surrendered country no longer increase the National Morale of the occupier (Sapare)
- mouse hovering over a unit on the map will now display the unit info at the bottom left hand corner of the game information area (Winti)
- fixed a Windows 8 'Full Screen' mode error that caused the game to crash


- Atlantic to Pacific loops, and vice versa, are now shared by the Axis and Allies (CATS2010)
- Munich added to German Industrial Cities list
- DECISION event will now be presented to the player once the USSR surrenders to split the USSR into half dividing it between Japan and Germany

- Carriers set to have at least 1 intercept/escort (MTTODD37)

1939, 1942 Brute Force
- Victory conditions based on controlling Major (3 pts) and Minor (1 pt) capitals by the Axis (18 Axis Decisive, 9 draw, 0 Allied decisive) the rest between.
- 1 more corp to Switzerland
- Japan has 2 armor now but armor strikes reduced to 1
- Lowered Japan experience vs Chinese units
- Exchanged 2 corps for 2 armies in Chinese force pool
- Strategic emargo on Japan and oil embargo, now popups are correct
- All loops are now 1 delay instead of 2
- Germans couldnt get Iraq on their side without VF Syria so Syria becomes 100% axis once Middle East is taken from UK.
- USSR entry ranges from 1/42 to 1/43 with randomnesss coming from the Winter War and Bessarabia.
- Added road to Urmuchi put it back on alternate capital list.
- 2 more loops for Panama Canal
- Flattened US and USSR entry so less wild swings. Minor countries will have major swings still.
- Persia will become 100% Axis if Baghdad is Axis.
- Removed all experience from all starting units except Russian Siberian units.
- UK +1 Naval tech.
- Reduce defense of mountains vs air from 3 to 2. It made TACs almost useless.
- Moved rail in south turkey to go through Syria
- Lowered Yugo activation on German surrenders (was incorrect)
- Adjusting country units and experience for balance
- Yugoslavian coup based on Poland surrendering not France
- Corrected positional script for Vichy France
- Build ques for French Marine, Paratroopers, and Mech to 1941
- Put Army and Armor for UK on production spiral for 1940 - France was too could be easily defended if UK commited all of its land units until 1941
- Added 2 armies for Germans in March 1940
- Added one TAC for Germany on the map, they were short one historically.
- Fortress units for France
- Fortress units for France
- Fortification at El Alamein to hills
- Port spotting range from 4 to 3
- Corrected US entry error with Indo-china
- Several A.I. errors
- Indochina US Entry error