Drox Operative v1.002 Beta Patch
added an option to turn off price comparisons and only use key attributes
added manual aimed ballistic weapons that fit in medium slots
can now solve quests directly from your quest menu
credit gifts and component donations now lower fear - makes sense and gives players a bit more control over fear wins
which components a planet sells is now much more likely to be race appropriate
planet's now use their level instead of the player's level for components
planets start with less components for sale
planets slowly restock components for sale
decreased beam range from 300.0 to 250.0
decreased ballistics speed from 400.0 to 350.0
changed stealth bonus from damage to attack and crushing blow
now higher attack values help you get more critical hits when using weapons that require attack to hit
increased freeze and virus weapons up to 75% of normal beam damage (nox)
fixed a couple race trading issues
donated components now also get sold over time to help the race make money
fixed the Human race from destroying wandering vendors
planets that get destroyed are valued less and less by the races now
missiles and ballistics should no longer auto target other projectiles (Valgor)
low quality components can no longer have a higher rarity
now offensive dampening field shows you specific numbers (this will work for other auras also) (nox)
now crew better than check checks total of attributes given, not each individual attribute
fixed close icon on diplomacy screen from closing 2 menus
added X close icons on Drox Info, Win Progress, and Lose Progress screens
no longer show green + on components until they are identified
added some color to race technology screen
changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 12
made trade request/race statement sound quieter