Drox Operative v1.004 Patch

fixed races cancelling treaties for almost no credits
monster races can no longer take over gas planets
decreased race specific components on planets chance from 0.9 to 0.75
added a paid to break treaty message
now relations go down when treaties are cancelled so they take some work to get back


can now mark a race to ignore all trade requests and statements from them if you no longer care what they say
fixed a problem that after leaving a game sometimes couldn't join another one
fixed not being able to change master server zones after connecting to a game
added remote detonated mine components
can now gamble at Human planets
music now starts where it left off so more of the music is heard and is less repetitive
fixed attack critical hit bonus being applied to can't miss attacks
fixed a bug with network floating point compression with negative numbers (this is one of those how does anything work bugs)
shadow race ships now cloak when not near an enemy
now planets start building up their component stock when they are colonized not when the player first visits them
now when races build ships they pick the weapon type that they have the highest tech for
Brunts now focus more on missiles
Fringe can now colonize gas planets
finding the best starting planet now takes into account which race it is for
added armor plating regen to races with regeneration
races now start with a few extra techs researched
manually aimed ballastics can no longer miss due to attack/defense values
positive races are a bit easier to sign treaties with now
negative races are a bit harder to sign treaties with now
there are no longer level restrictions on cargo bays in your shared stash (nox)
heavy bombers now use missiles instead of beams (Xarmius)
fixed a logging crash (no one probably hits this but me though)
fixed old-fashioned spelling (Valgor)
changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 13
now status bars above entities use the entities alpha value
now resurrect menu gives you useful info if you're playing semi-hardcore and can't resurrect (ScrObot)
now get a warning if playing semi-hardcore and 1 death away from permanent death (ScrObot)
fixed rebel crew portraits
moved CrewHealChange in systems.gdb to HealChance in item definitions
slowed down component restocking some
changed money to credits in a bunch of places
fixed doesn't need repair messages (Scythy)