Drox Operative v1.007 Patch
now when you are in a system, planets that their race has a non-aggression pact or better with the Drox automatically show up in the system map
fixed armor plating on monsters
increased base shields regen from 0.3 to 0.5
doubled shield regen boost components effect (Aganazer)
fixed another issue where bombs would hit same target more than once
virus weapons effect can now miss
fixed weapon better than comparison (Tyrax Lightning)
fixed unrelated Battery Other components from comparing to each other in the highlight and better than stuff (Tyrax Lightning)
can no longer equip 2 fighter bays of different levels to get more higher level fighters
now after searching an object and it's fading out, using a weapon retargets correctly (secretkillerofnames)
will no longer fail a destroy race ships quest if complete it first and then the race is destroyed or peace breaks out (pecet)
fixed an issue with attack critical hit bonus
now get a defending critical hit bonus when have higher and higher defense compared to enemies attack
races now get upset when you end a shared war (even if the shared part wasn't on purpose)
now even the instigator of a war changes their opinion of the other when the war starts if above a max level
freeze type weapons status effects can now stack up to 3 times (random_rolle)
added an option to automatically decline quests that have been failed
races will now terminate any outstanding trades that are no longer valid for whatever reason
fixed Big Bang damage (Evan)
now on relations screen eliminated text tells you who killed them
now quest locations on the map get cleaned up if you decline, fail, or complete the quest
fixed quests sometimes announcing they were completed before they really were
fixed some effects on Brunt battlecruiser
changed galaxy map to sector map
no longer save window position when minimized
fixed not being able to reject message if you ignored the message and then ignored the race (DVeL)
fixed stop ignoring race button position
changed pet color on minimap to a dark green so you could tell other players and pets apart (Cardinal Ape)
added an extra check to make sure a race doesn't ask player to scout one of their own planets
delivery and colonize quests now give * on originating system also since you need to pick up the quest in person (Cockbite)
now remove status effects when you use escape pod
now rescue to smuggler or pirate quests play ambush sound
added "Add All Credits" button on select credits amount interface (incognoscente)
now if choose rumor before race it just warns you without leaving screen (Etheric42)
moving an installing component restarts the installation instead of the timer disappearing (Valgor)
Escalation Device now takes 13 seconds to explode (matches sound better)
made armageddon and escalation device explosion sound/effects carry farther
increased OnScreenDistance from 300.0 to 500.0 (should keep somethings from disappearing when on screen)
fixed duplicate technology quests (incognoscente)
made subrace rebels easier to find
now races handle destroyed planets better
now going from cease fire back to war doesn't trigger treaties again (yoyodelta)
fixed name of rebel ships
now highlighting power load bar tells you energy regen from usused power load (Virosa)
should no longer get credit for race ships kills during cease fire unless you directly killed it (sbach2o)
now show challenge name on map screen
missile defense no longer goes into hotkey bar since now automatic (random_rolle)
now ensure event text doesn't get displayed on intro screen (ScrObot)
now handle negative power load components in race specific slots better (nox)
game should now handle big pauses better (shouldn't really matter except for when debugging)
added an option to enable/disable debugging console (defaults to disabled) (Anskier)
made cloaked surprise icon different so could tell when you were losing cloak (Evan)
changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 15
changed save version to 141