Drox Operative v1.010 Patch
decreased radar needed per level from 15.0 to 13.5
now radar can see through enemy cloaking (Tyrax Lightning)
now get double attack value when in radar range of an enemy
can now pay credits to have Brunt planets add a new component to their inventory
Hive now carry more goods
now start new ships with shields and thruster boost consumables
races can now build a smaller hull sized ship if no defenders around a planet (TYP)
fixed a potential crash when splitting races
destroying all of the races no longer counts as a diplomatic win (Gilgamesh)
increased area effect EM weapons max range damage from 10% to 20% (random_rolle)
added some time text to Geomagnetic storm (Steve)
improved depression icon
improved energy net icon
changed save version to 142
fixed a couple database files not using the correct index
changed comet effects to have more of a tail (lostSoul)
using the mouse wheel to cycle your right click slots no longer affects the quest menu (ScrObot)
the main text event time now uses ui_textEventsTime (makes it configurable and shortens it to 20 seconds) (Crisses)
now backspace is a configurable key
backspace defaults to alternate clear use slot key (helpful for keyboards that don't have a proper delete key like mac laptops)
quest type of enemies no longer cloak
fixed a few Anti-Neutronium Device quest text issues
communication arrays will now alert nearby ships when they are under attack
now have better lighting on create ship and shipyard screens
fixed Inventory translation (DarthNihilus)
fixed MiniMap translation (DarthNihilus)
fixed Paused translation (DarthNihilus)
fixed terraforming dead planet quest