Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage v1.3.1 Patch
- Version 1.3.1
- Added voting support (change race type, change track, kick player, reset tournament, rubber banding)
- Added support for multiple dedicated servers on the same computer
- Added race finish timeout
- Tournament is reset when last human player disconnects from the lobby
- Dedicated server can now be configured to require clients a password before connecting
- Server list shows a locker icon near the dedicated server with a password
- Server list shows a country flag based on a dedicated server's geografical location
- Server list shows a ping for a dedicated server
- Implemented "typing notifications" in a lobby (e.g. when client is typing in a chat text box,
other clients see flashing icon near that client's name)
- Welcome message and server messages have distinct color
- Admin chat messages have distinct color
- Land mine does instant kill in deathmatch
- The car reset has been restricted. The player can reset car only if the car is flipped, out of
track or not moving for a certain duration.
- Self-damage from weapons is disabled
- Added "enter to switch camera" message when player has finished the race or has been killed
- The message box is displayed in the main menu if the user has been kicked from the server
- Implemented master server info message in a multiplayer lobby
- Information about dedicated servers are now more often sent to the master server
- Implemented toggling of weapon groups
- Default "say" key is now T
- Added support for NAT punch through when connecting to dedicated server
- Fixed bug with no effects on head-on collision
- Chat message is always displayed in the dedicated server console
- Fixed dedicated server timeout kick bug

Single Player/Common:
- Tournament races can now be played in any order. Player can also go to a garage while tournament
is in progress. If game is quit while tournament is in progress, the tournament state is saved.
- When tournament is in progress, rank list dialog in a garage shows scores and kills for players
that participate in a tournament.
- Player gets score points for kills too. Two kills make one score point
- Implemented force-feedback
- Added "Controller Options" group to options menu. The user can adjust force-feedback, deadzone,
sensitivity and saturation for the selected controller there.
- Ammo/health powerups cannot be collected if ammo/health is full
- Improved car handling
- Improved car-to-car collision damage and nitro distribution (e.g. if player hits opponent's car
in the rear, only player gets nitro bonus and opponent gets most of the damage)
- Nitro is refilled white drifting using the handbrake
- If player has double damage, his land mines do double damage too
- Rain and snow do not fall in the tunnels anymore
- Added fullscreen on/off option in the graphics options
- Fixed strange behavior for finish camera
- Fixed shadows bug that sometimes occured if Alt+Tab has been used repeatedly
- Improved auto-aim for weapons
- Minor AI improvements
- Look-back camera is positioned more appropriately
- Aerial nitro is being filled when car has spent at least 0.5s in the air
- Fixed bug where sun flare would be visible through solid geometry
- Max driver tags distance is now 70m
- Added new loading screen tooltips
- Quick race settings use the same wheel settings (rim, color and reflection) as the current car in
the campaign
- Added console commands that can control music playback in WinAmp
- Fixed weapon firing bug when ammo count is 0
- Message box is shown when tournament is available for the first time in the category
- Fixed bug where default rim would be unlocked per car template instead globally
- Rims are now unlocked globally
- Loading screen tooltips are ordered and depend on a context now
- Katyusha can switch weapon only when all four rockets are fired
- Various minor bug fixes and improvements

- Version 1.3
- Fixed bug where some weapons would shoot although the player has been killed and waiting for
- Dedicated server optimizations.
- Dedicated server can be configured to omit car parts synchronization leading to bandwidth
- Added NetGraph console command (green line is ping and white line is number of received packets
received from the server).
- Fixed bug when server would begin start game countdown if last player in lobby gets disconnected.
- Synchronized oil patches from destructible oil barrels.
- Fixed bug where user could create preset with invalid name.
- Railgun reload time in multiplayer is now same as reload time in single player (1.6s).

Single Player/Common:
- Improved collision geometry on all tracks. The car should not be able to get stuck so easily now.
- Fixed bug where on some locations on tracks (e.g. Balcanica Challenge), the car would not be
automatically reset when it should be. This caused incorrect lap counting.
- The in-game car deformations (geometric damage) are now saved permanently. When car is repaired,
the deformations are repaired too. Note that car cannot be customized while it is damaged now.
- Added nVidia and Steam Greenlight stickers to Mazderatti and Hound Bermude.
- Reduced the number of laps for races.
- Increased damage on car crashes.
- Increased damage done by weapons.
- The user can now navigate the menus using the game controller.
- The game now recognizes up to four connected controllers. Control mappings are defined per
controller. The user can choose active controller from the options menu.
- Added default controller mappings for many popular controllers.
- Implemented preliminary force-feedback support. Currently only Xbox controllers are supported.
- General game controllers support improvements.
- Options menu redesigned to match look and feel of rest of the menus.
- The application restarts itself automatically if option(s) that require restart is applied. The
option(s) that require restart cannot be changed if options menu is entered from in-game pause menu.
- The camera in garage can be rotated using the keyboard/controller now. TAB key changes the focus
between menu buttons and the camera.
- Added support for mouse cursor auto-hide. If mouse input has not been received for more than 10
seconds, the cursor hides itself. The auto-hide timeout can be changed in GasGuzzlers.xml. The
variable name is CursorAutoHideTime. Set to negative value to disable cursor auto-hide.
- Weapon from the current car is automatically mounted on the newly bought car.
- Video mode aspect ratios are now displayed in graphics options.
- All cameras listed in database are available for in-game switching. Added screen rain drops
show/hide option per camera (in database).
- Added company and game intro movies.
- Added Nvidia "The Way It's Meant To Be Played" intro movie.
- Fixed bug where pressing TAB key while the server list is empty caused the game to loose input focus.
- Fixed bug where rank list in events menu is empty if race within tournament was retired.
- Fixed bug with incorrect display of number of kills in in-game race info.
- Fixed bug where profile could not be created if My Documents folder was on a network path.
- Fixed bug where license plate would be invalid after ALT+TAB.
- Fixed bug where game would unpause itself when going to options from race and vice-versa.
- Fixed bug where driver win animation would not sometimes play.
- Fixed bug where retire button is available in race results screen when quick race has been finished.
- Loading screen is shown when loading profiles.
- Wait cursor is shown when loading profiles and garage.
- Locked cars can also be viewed in a garage now.
- GameConfig.xml is not used anymore (its settings are in GasGuzzlers.xml now).
- Driver idle animation in profiles has been changed (from drunken to generic standing).
- Localization improvements.
- The AI resets itself less often.
- A few AI improvements.
- Rank list split time is captured per checkpoint now.
- Railgun auto aim depends on difficulty now.
- Game messages and rank list are smaller for lower screen resolutions.
- Implemented fixed cameras (bumper, hood) shake when driving over rough surfaces.
- Fixed bug where car would become visible on respawn when bumper camera is selected.
- Fixed few money rounding bugs.

- Version 1.2
- Player kick timeout can be specified in dedicated server config file or through launcher
- Dedicated server name moved to GGDedicatedServer.xml and can be specified through launcher
- Network command now lists ping time for clients in the Lobby scene
- Multiplayer is now structured as a tournament. Tournament ranking is determined using the score,
kills count and collected bonuses. The tournament races are specified using the race types list
and track list eather through GGDedicatedServer.xml or launcher.
- Network bandwidth optimizations.
- Improved randomization of tracks and race types on dedicated server.
- Fixed bug with custom server message rate.
- Server name is displayed in lobby (instead of generic LOBBY text).
- The car, car customizations and weapons are not related to campaign anymore. The user can now
create multiplayer presets and choose the preset in the lobby. The preset is made of car, car
customizations and weapon. The presets are created in multiplayer main menu (the menu where the
server list is).
- There is no need to use "" when sending chat message using Say console command.
- Many gameplay balance improvements.
- Player cannot collect repairs if car is not damaged.
- When player connects or disconnects from the server, ready state for other players remains the
- Implemented deathmatch game mode. The goal is to make as much kills as possible until the
maximum number of kills is reached or timeout elapses. In deathmatch, players are spawned without
weapons. Instead, player can pick-up and toggle between weapons. Weapon pickups are marked with
- Added two deathmatch maps: "Desert Arena" and "Public Garage".
- Knockout winner gets 3 score points now.
- Updated dedicated server launcher to support new game modes and arcade mode.
- Implemented Last Man Standing game mode. This mode is similar to deathmatch. The difference is
that there is no respawn for killed players and winner is the player that survives the onslaught.
- Server messages are disabled during race start countdown.
- Player cannot collect ammo if ammo is full already.
- Fixed bug where on some installation paths dedicated server launcher would not launch dedicated
- Launch button in dedicated server launcher is split into "Save and Launch" and "Save and Exit"
buttons. This can be useful if user just wants to edit dedicated server configuration file without
launching the server.

Single Player/Common:
- Added new car: Defiant Regale
- Added voice-over inspired by Duke Nukem
- Nitro is slowly refilled while car is in the air
- Various bug fixes
- Max radar distance is now 150 m
- Added glow behind pick-up models to improve their distinguishability
- Added new car: Fordiac Bandit
- Improved car-to-car collisions in single-player. It is now easier to push AI player's or make it
- The names of players and their health (driver tags) can now be displayed above the cars. There
are four options for displaying driver tags: always (default), single-player only,
multiplayer only, never.
- Nitro can now be used when car is going in reverse.
- Improved gear switching so car can do a little bit faster transition from forward to reverse and
vice versa.
- Added "Arcade Mode" to profile selection menu. When arcade mode is turned on, the car has the
same grip regardless of the surface.
- The current race type indicator is drawn in the upper-left corner of the HUD. In deathmatch, this
indicator, along with the laps count and minimap is replaced with the radar.
- The current weapon, sticker and rim in the garage are drawn differently to distinguish them from
non-current items.
- The description text for weapons and upgrades is always visible regardless of purchased or
mounted state.
- Added glyphs from non-english languages to fonts that did not have them.
- Moved hard-coded strings to string table.
- When new campaign is started, the shotgun is mounted automatically onto FAT Ficho. Additionally,
"Uncle Jimbo Trail" track and the first level of upgrades are unlocked by default.
- Last quick race settings are preserved now
- On 64-bit systems, applications can now take advantage of 4 GB of RAM.
- Fixed various memory leaks
- Fixed crash after a long game due to insufficient memory
- Improved game loading times
- Added faster and enhanced screen glare to HDR post processing effect
- Added damage indicator into HUD (can be turned off in game options)
- Added game manual :)
- V-sync added to graphics options
- Added support for Unicode characters in text boxes (e.g. profile name, nickname, ...)
- Fixed bug where auto-aim was not working on large distances

- Version 1.1

- Fixed bug where server would kick player during world load because of the small timeout value.
- Added support for incoming and outgoing bandwidth definition for client and server. The
configuration files for client and server can be found in Data/GasGuzzlers/Networking directory.
- Implemented dedicated server launcher
- Network chat messages can now be sent from the game HUD (default key is Y)
- Fixed bug if nickname had several words separated by space. Lobby would not show players name
and game would crash just before race start
- Client synchronization rate can now be specified from the GasGuzzlers.xml configuration file
- Fixed bug with dedicated server crash if dedicated server profile existed in profiles directory
- Added support for server welcome message and server info messages
- Fixed "Enter IP" dialog focus bug
- Few network bandwidth optimizations
- Reset snaps car to 70m behind the position where reset was initiated
- When player has finished or died, camera switch is limited to players that are not dead
- Fixed bug with knockout (player would be killed on server but not on client)
- Oil, smoke and mines power-ups can be activated only once when collected
- Fixed bug where camera is flying over map when switched to finished player
- Added experimental support for rubber banding through nitro duration based on player's rank.
Player ranked first will get the least nitro duration while player ranked last would get the
largest nitro duration. This feature is disabled by default and can be enabled eather through
GGDedicatedServer.xml or dedicated server launcher.

Single Player/Common:

- Fixed error with missing Dwmapi.dll on Windows XP (Aero still disabled od Windows 7 and Vista)
- Added look back camera (default key is V)
- Fixed bug where "best race time" would not be recorded
- Improved event cycle generation in order to achieve better track distribution
- Improved car stability when braking
- Implemented voice-over preview in profile editor
- Fixed race results rank list focus bug
- Opponents race results are not simulated any more
- AI improvements
- AI CPU optimization
- Fixed rim reflection bug
- Fixed bug where locked rim would load and be set as a current rim
- Fixed bug where rim that is not loaded would not load even when it is selected for painting
- Fix bug where new events cycle would be generated if player was killed
- Added various tooltips to garage and loading screen
- Tweaked existing difficulties (in order to make game easier)
- Added Beginner, Extreme and Impossible difficulties
- Increased strength of the forces generated by rockets and grenades
- Enabled repair powerup in classic race
- Fixed bug with XInput controllers. User will have to remap controls
- Fixed shooting with controller bug
- Car can now spin when affected by force that is strong enough
- Improved destruction model for vehicles
- The race can now be restarted or retired during the in-game race results list
- Fixed bug where sometimes the wheels would penetrate through the car's body geometry
- Fixed bug where railgun kill would not be counted
- When car upgrade is selected, the next car performance parameter value is shown as green bar
- Minor physics tweaks for Hound DIX
- Reset does not snap car too far from the position where reset was initiated (max 20m now, 100m previously)
- Fixed bug where WRONG DIRECTION would be sometimes incorrectly displayed
- Fixed crash that occurs sometimes when tournament/championship is started