Drox Operative v1.015 Patch

now stop controller rumble if paused
fixed controller rumble when turning off screen shake (Castruccio)
now reducing power load and increasing durability are toggles instead of one time things
decreased durability mult modifier per level from 0.0333 to 0.02
increased difficulty of higher difficulty levels
increased difficulty of higher difficulty levels even more in expansion (IotA)
now show and enforce level of chips so you don't accidentally create a component that you can no longer use (IotA)
fixed sensor overlord range confusion and price (Tuidjy)
now defenders of destroyed planets don't disappear immediately (unless last planet) (Draciel)
fixed demands from players (Foxstab/homyak555)
changed max number of sounds on OSX to 64 which fixes AL_INVALID_OPERATION errors when lots of sounds are being played
each race should no longer send more than 1 bounty hunter after the player(s) at a time
fixed uses less energy modifiers getting put on cloaking devices (Tuidjy) (IotA)
freeze weapons that don't do damage should no longer get damage bonuses (Tuidjy) (IotA)
special weapons should no longer get damage bonuses (Cardinal Ape) (IotA)
stasis field and gravity well generator now have value
increased damage control effectiveness by 60%
changed chips to use computer model in space (Valgor) (IotA)
added Scavenger Operative achievement (Valgor) (IotA)
added a controller rumble option (Castruccio)
now reset joystick option resets mouse move and enable options also (Castruccio)
added a message when resurrect race quest goes wrong (Tuidjy) (IotA)
no longer add race name to Resurrect Race quest announcement (IotA)
now Ascarid and Peacekeeper missiles have effect/sound when they change (IotA)
added more Ancients dialog (IotA)
fixed some of the ancient races using the wrong description (Tuidjy) (IotA)
now dpad names should show up on use slots (Castuccio)
minor improvements to the UI
added some more scavenger dialog (IotA)
rewrote bare bones description a little (Valgor) (IotA)
changed "ship corpses" to "ship wrecks" in scavenger description (Valgor) (IotA)
fixed structure/armor plating % issue on mechanic bonus skill (Evan)
fixed human demand text
fixed a Drox capitalize issue in the Hezog race description. (ScrObot) (IotA)
fixed some Hezog misspellings (Tuidjy) (IotA)


fixed joystick button that opens relations menu wouldn't close it also (Castruccio)
turning with the joystick will now cancel move to entity commands (joku)
turning with the keyboard will now cancel move to entity commands (Tyrax Lightning/Tuidjy)
added a highlight texture under type of win on win screen
improved drox info screen
made resume button the same size as the other main buttons


added joystick support (windows only for now)
changed buttons to something more spacey
can now pay lithosoid to increase the durability of your components
can now order new components at Drakk planets
now can see star systems with mutual protection pact races (instead of only allies)
now mark maps for return system of needed item quests
reduced BountyHunter damage mult from 2.0 to 1.5
durability mult modifier now works on armor & armor plating
fixed a consistency problem with marking quests available in your current level
planets can now spend extra minerals to repair their ships
colony ships now have shields
planets can now upgrade their ships that have been built (uses minerals)
fixed missing DeclareWarHonorTreaty if ignoring the wrong race
monster races can now recruit an appropriate monster if planet doesn't have any defenders (ShaggyMoose)
Dryad no longer asks for stolen technology
decreased BestQuestBonus for needed item quests from 1 to -1
decreased BestQuestBonus for delivery quests from 0 to -1
now Trustworthy and Ruthless races expect you to keep third party treaties for 25 minutes (Bluddy)
now Aggressive and Chaotic races expect you to keep third party treaties for 15 minutes (Bluddy)
changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 18
improved ingame and options menus
improved weather control device
improved anti neutronium texture
fixed cargo bays not getting compared to bay slot on right
can now only fail repairing because of nearby enemies if vendor is repairing
increased CreateQuestTries from 10 to 20
changed a couple of machines to slightly rotate
improved ball lightning trap
fixed some display issues with remote mines (Tuidjy)
changed where Storm beam shoots from
changed from Direct Input 5 to 8
fixed duplicate warning on configure keyboard and joystick pages
added text backdrop to worldMap header text
fixed shock Torpedo Explosion
now widgets can show hotkeys with color codes in them (won't cut off because too long)
now shake screen & controller when a component breaks
fixed some fear points converting to string issues (Tuidjy)
left/right now toggles system/sector maps when on map screen
changed ui_maxTextEventsShown default from 10 to 5 (Steve)
changed nothing but gibberish to has been corrupted (Steve)
now when restocking components on vendors try less components
fixed binding thrusters on to a mouse button not working (profanicus)
hopefully monster races no longer leave behind derelicts (Katrin)
made omega torpedo quieter