Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes 1.3 Patch

Ineluctable Vision is now unlocked with the Third Book of the Magi tech.


Crash fixes

Fixed an issue where reloading an autosave may miss road building between cities and outposts

Fixed an issue where reloading an autosave may miss the opportunity to choose research

Fixed an issue where reloading an autosave may miss an opportunity to select a perk for a champion on levelup

Fixed an issue where reloading an autosave may miss an opportunity to select a champion at a fame milestone

Fixed some map issues and tactical map issue from Parrotmath

Fixed a broken AI unit design that was causing Peace Keepers (and other units) to show up without weapons

Fixed tactical bug where it was possible for RANDOM_ENEMY_UNIT spells to apply the spell and the particle effect on different units (ie: an Air Shrill casting Static Blast may injure one unit but play the lighting effect on another)

Fixed an issue in tactical that could cause 2 units to end up in the same tile

Fixed a crash that would happen if you viewed the city details of a partially revealed city

Fixed an issue where it was possible to be booted out of enemy territory, and end up trapped in between the gated section of the master quest wildlands area

Fixed a missing icon on the quest version of the ice elemental sanctum

Fixed a missing medallion on the Giant Ravenous Harridan

Fixed the Fear ability to correctly last multiple turns

Fixed Tremor

Fixed an issue that could cause a crash after the intro movie

Updated the riddle quests to not display the choice results on mouseover

Fixed an issue where some maps had features that blocked AI units

Fixed an issue that sometimes caused AI units to not move in battle

Fixed an issue that could cause AI units to be on top of each other in battle

Fixed an issue that could keep you from using Guarded Strike on a unit that last used Guarded Strike

Fixed an issue where the Break ability wasn't doing normal attack damage


Removed the wage cost form Mercenaries, Hunters and Knights of Asok

Pull of the Earth moved the Geomancy and the casting cost increased slightly


Increased the hp required before the AI will cast barbs

AI won’t Beguile or Confusion on ranged units anymore

AI won’t cast blizzard on units that are immune to cold anymore

AI won’t cast Bottled Fire, Burning Hands, Embers, Fireball, Fire Breath, Flame Dart, Inner Fire or Soulburning on units that are immune to fire anymore

AI won’t cast Call Lightning, Channel Lightning, Lightning Bolt or Soul Spark on units that are immune to lightning anymore

AI Monsters more careful about leaving their lairs unguarded.

AI Updated the area threat evaluation to include stationed units.

AI champions significantly better about taking out enemy outposts and grabbing goodie huts on the way to another destination

AI better at building more lethal armies

AI much better at protecting its cities

AI fixed a bug where certain AI personalities had a chance of not building units when they should depending on the type of city

AI more aggressive about training units when it feels that city is vulnerable

AI no longer has a "auto patrol" system. Instead, the monster AI directly controls monsters and not the mobileobject system.

Fixed a pathfinding bug that caused monsters that were calculating a destination to not be able to set a destination IF the target was 1 tile away and it is a city.

Improved algorithm that allows AI to detect different types of threats to its cities and units

AI prioritizes pioneers more when there is good land its LOS (and less when there isn't)

AI prioritizes maximizing its army size before going into battle

AI more willing to sacrifice non-champion led armies to soften enemies before sending in champions/sovereigns

AI now makes use of a "ready for battle" flag to determine which armies it should send where

AI is less paranoid about distant monsters and more cautious about nearby monsters

AI has less ADD when it comes to targets of opportunity

AI generally less cautious about taking on battles as long as its armies are deemed ready for battle (i.e. AI is less cowardly)

Fixed AI bug where an AI would target a quest in unfriendly territory and then abort destination because of that and get stuck in a loop (result: AI sovereign would just sit there)

Some AI personalities won't try to build improvements early on so that they can focus on expansion while others will do the opposite in order to build up their capitals faster

Improved the AI's decision making for deciding how many units should stay in a city to protect it

AI generally smarter about when to build pioneers vs. other types. SOME AI personalities will create more pioneers than others depending on what strategy they are employing

Fixed AI bug where AI would sometimes not train units because it had improvements in the queue

Fixed AI pathfinding where the AI units could not "find" their rally point and as a result would no be able to concentrate their power.

AI will generally notify player when they've cast an offensive strategic spell on them (complete with snark).

Increased odds of AI interacting with player regarding world situation events

Improved performance of battle engine for autoresolve (makes AI vs. AI battles faster)

More AI weighting if players aren't geographicaly near each other (+1 to +2)


The game now highlights the targeted tile in tactical combat (so you can see exactly where you are going to move to)

Updated all the Hiergamenon entries to current rules