Strategic Command WWII Assault on Democracy v1.02 Patch


- fixed a unit purchase placement error that would cause a CTD (Falk)

- fixed a move and attack followed by an invalid undo move CTD error

- fixed a tile control clean up error following minor country surrenders (Kommondant)

- fixed an AI naval reorganization bug that caused the AI to appear to freeze up

- fixed a Maritime Bomber target type error as well as recon spotting error (rjh1971)

- fixed a CTD related to the rejoining of Vichy France to France when Vichy France (Axis) surrenders on the same turn the DECISION event is presented (TaoJah)

- fixed a supply calculation error for occupied minors that were having low supply such as 3 instead of 5 when not connected to other friendly capitals

- fixed a TCP/IP game error that was incorrectly handling LOOP events (Catacol Highlander)


- LOOP events that target land to land transfers will now allow units to proceed to an unfriendly set of destination tiles if the #FRIENDLY_POSITION is left blank


1939 World At War

- fixed a Soviet Winter event that improperly targeted Japanese units near the Soviet Far East (Eisenhammer)

- fixed several SURRENDER_1 tile position errors (Strategiclayabout)

- fixed the road near Aden so that it is all within UK territory

- fixed the northern border between Norway and the USSR so that they no longer meet (mcaryf1)

- fixed a weather zone value error for Murmansk that will allow it to remain active throughout the winter (mcaryf1)

- fixed a missing rail link in China

- fixed a USSR DECISION event regarding the formation of Polish Armies that should only happen if Germany is still in the war (TaoJah)

- removed the Japanese Army set to arrive October 1st, 1940 from the P/Q

- removed the Japanese Army set to arrive December 1st, 1940 from the P/Q

- removed the Japanese SF set to arrive January 1st, 1941 from the P/Q

- removed the Japanese HQ set to arrive June 15th, 1940 from the P/Q

- changed a weather zone setting giving northern Denmark the same weather zone as Norway to help with airborne invasions and strikes (Duke of York)

- duplicate Zuiho Japanese Carriers now corrected (Eisenhammer)

- duplicate Novograd cities in the USSR now corrected (Eisenhammer)

- Taranto event will now only fire if the UK still holds Malta (Duke of York)

- WAR ENTRY events will skip the #ALIGNMENT check if the #COUNTRY_ID is still Neutral (Cantona66)

- fortification at tile 322,81 is now set to destroy on overrun or surrender (Duke of York)

- Maritime Patrol long range aircraft research set to 5% (mcaryf1)

- cost to the UK of supporting General de Gaulle corrected (MonsterClaude).

- South Georgia corrected in the South Atlantic (mathiasbw).

- Heard Island corrected in the South Atlantic (mathiasbw).

- Maldives added including a port at Addu Atoll (mathiasbw).

- Belize renamed British Honduras (mathiasbw).

- Ansi renamed Yumen (TaoJah).

- Sweden and Finland are now connected by rail (TaoJah).

- French Somaliland added (mathiasbw).

- Djibouti 222,119 and the adjacent tiles are now French.

- The British Djibouti Corps removed and its name taken from the UK's Build List.

- French half strength Djibouti Division deployed at Djibouti, 222,119, and a Garrison script added for it.

- British Garrison unit deployed at Berbera, 226,119, and a Garrison script added for it.

- Berbera is now a Secondary Supply Center.

- Unit script added for Djibouti to be defended by a Vichy French Garrison unit.

- Garrison script added for the Vichy French Garrison unit.

- The French Somaliland tiles added to the SURRENDER_1 script: France Surrenders (Vichy French Government Installed)

- The French Somaliland tiles added to the TERRITORY script: #NAME= DE 201 - Vichy France Rejoins France

- The division of the USSR between Germany and Japan (DE 616) now triggers if Germany says yes to it:

- Germany to annex eastern Poland (if applicable) and the Baltic States (TaoJah)

- Finland to regain any territory lost in the Winter War if applicable (TaoJah)